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English Speaking Radio | Student Band Four FM Radio Campus Radio

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Park Philippines off T1
  • Color Classification: white + white small headset + send battery blue + blue small headset + send battery white + send battery blue + send battery
  • Radio tuning: digital display
  • Channel: 1
  • Battery specifications: 5
  • Radio type: Portable
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops
  • Brand: Park Philippines off
  • Model: T1

It is a miniature frequency display radio with two AA batteries. It can be used in English, You can receive FM radio, radio to receive news, music and other radio programs, but also rehearsal in a large place to use, so that your life more colorful, happy mood.

First, the product description:

1, the frequency display radio.

2, there are three ways to Taiwan election: a, manual search platform; b, semi-automatic search platform

3, the use of radio digital processing chip, good performance, stable reception, beautiful sound quality.

4, with a car radio receiver sensitivity comparable.

5, the use of high-definition LCD screen, working status at a glance.

6, the use of SMD component design, SMT placement machine production process.

7, the use of two AA batteries.

Second, the technical parameters:

1, the frequency range: FM 64-108MHz

2, the frequency response: 150Hz-20KHz

3, single-signal selectivity: better than 10db

4, the signal to noise ratio: ≥ 60db

5, the machine speaker: Φ50mm / 4Ω / 3W

6, power supply: DC 3V (with two batteries on the 5th battery)

7, the current consumption: ≤ 300mA

8, the output power: ≥ 2W

9, the size: 114mm * 70mm * 26mm

Third, the product uses:

1, the radio can be used for junior high school, high school and college foreign language teaching activities, both to facilitate your learning, but also in their spare time to receive FM radio, radio to receive news, music and other radio programs; Your life is more colorful and enjoyable.

2, the appearance of this product is simple and beautiful, easy to use, clear sound, to provide you with a good foreign language teaching environment.

Fourth, pay attention to matters:

1, to avoid violent shock, fall to the ground.

2, not placed in high temperature, dust, humidity, direct sunlight.

3, to avoid the use of corrosive chemical composition of the liquid and hard cloth to wipe, so as not to damage the chassis.

4, the company's products are commissioned with professional equipment factory, do not arbitrarily open the case adjustment.

5, long-term do not, please Royal under the battery. Old and new batteries is strictly prohibited.

Third, after-sales service:

1. Normal use, free maintenance within one year to calculate the date of purchase for the start time.

Frequency, frequency range: FM 64-108MHz, clear sound, ad hoc two campus units to facilitate examination, digital FM, signal stability, do not run Taiwan, LCD frequency display, test frequency at a glance, before delivery one by one Try to ensure quality, so that students can buy the rest assured that the examination at ease!