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Outdoor anti-slip shoe covers | mountaineering supplies | simple four-tooth ice claws snow shoe cover simple anti-skid climbing crampons

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  • Brand: flyvii
  • Item: BJ01
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 29
  • Sports outdoor projects: climbing climbing climbing
  • Time to market: fall 2015

"Name" four-tooth simple crampons

「Material」 High density manganese steel + elastic rubber band

"Weight" 220 grams

"Specifications" steel 4.5cm × 6.5cm, belt length 12 +12 cm (flexible stretch), suitable for a variety of sizes of shoes

Suitable for outdoor climbing, snow and ice weather, especially for the elderly children, snow and ice out of season to use; with a variety of sports shoes, hiking boots and mountain boots for ice, grass and other environments


※ The strap is made of special high elastic latex, good elasticity, abrasion resistance, firmness and strong cold resistance. (Generally, the products with low price on the market are made of ordinary plastic or elastic material, The weather is too cold after the case of overheating easy to break, poor security)

※ rubber band adjustable, suitable for a variety of sizes of shoes

* Free Oxford cloth bag

Breaking the traditional dual-band crampon structure complex, ingenious use of single strap design, making the cramp jaw adjustment range, and the use of more convenient, more lightweight, more durable.In addition, the bottom there Anti-stick snow design, is a non-climbers under the performance of the excellent crampons.

Hiking crampons can cope with the general ice and snow terrain, suitable for walking in the primary route to use, enhanced treatment by HRC50 heat treatment process, reliable performance! 4 sharp iron teeth to bring you a sense of security when walking. Wear belt easy to use Light and easy crampons, suitable for winter climbing through the crowd to go ice with the use of the road, easy to use, easy to carry, lightweight.