Polaris light X6 3G Wireless Router | 10000mAh high capacity mobile power | Built-in TF card WiFi

Polaris light X6 3G Wireless Router | 10000mAh high capacity mobile power | Built-in TF card WiFi

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: PORAY
  • Model: X6
  • Color Classification: 10000 + slot + spree + spree slot 7800+ Black (7800) + TF card slot Black (10000) + TF card slot White (10000) + 16G card White (7800) + TF card slot white X5 (5200) + TF card slot white (10000) + TF card slot
  • Wireless transmission rate: 150Mbps
  • Are built-in firewall: Yes
  • Whether to support VPN: does not support
  • Network protocol: IEEE 802.11b / g / n
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Official standard】: Host, an original charging cable (can be connected to the computer charge), instruction manual.

The following figure required spree friends, select [+] Package spree

There are two kinds of color X6 white and black brushed metal

X6 accessories: host, battery (7800MA or 10000MA), USB charging cable, installation guide.

Still worry for the amount of space ipad do? Are still back and forth between the computer and ipad copy movies and tired delete it? Also for the high cost of NAS stop it? Polaris light X6, cost-effective mobile storage solution is the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones necessary wireless network storage device.

Detailed installation tutorial and network storage applications, visit the website Polaris light (copied to the browser open)

X6 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. X6What are the benefits of dual USB?

A: The benefits of dual USB is: switched on, it can not only make phones, tablet Internet, but also to charge them double USB can also give two mobile phones at the same time charge, free with the free combination, and high flexibility.

2. U disk is inserted
Which X6 USB interface? How do I access the contents of U disk?

A: U disk can only be inserted in the 3G-USB port, the router must be switched on and U disk can be accessed by two methods:

A. In the phone, tablet, browser address bar enter: enter X6 main menu, then click on the 'Network Storage' link U disk directory.

B. In the browser address bar type: you can quickly enter the U disk directory, where 6060 is the port number.

3. Why are some videos can not be played on the U disk?
A: The reason for this problem is: your phone or tablet does not currently support such video formats such as MPEG, RMVB, AVI video, etc., Apple iPhone, IPAD can not play, iPhone can only play MP4, MOV, M4V these . To play this kind of video format video format, there are two ways:

A. The MPEG, RMVB, AVI does not support this video format conversion software tool to support video formats.

B. APP install third-party applications on the iPhone / iPad, for example, iPhone, iPad can be installed such as:. Oplayer, Airplayer, Android phones can install Mobo Player is installed: Open the App store, direct search application name, and then install (some software for a fee).

4. U disk image files, video can be downloaded to the phone right?
A: This depends on the phone and the browser used by the iPhone as an example: To store U disk images, first open the picture, then press your finger on this picture, do not let go, it will pop-up menu, click 'storage the image 'to save the image to the iPhone' photo 'if put U disk video downloads to iPhone / iPad, third-party software to be installed on your phone, such as: Oplayer, GoodReader, they can not only download videos, but also you can play a variety of video formats.

5.X6Buy back, plug 3G3G network card can access it?
A: For the support of 3G network card, plug in to the router start smart dialing, most networking card automatically without having to manually set.

6.The X6 connected to wired broadband internet access, but also Desktop can access it?
A: No, X6 has only one network cable port, when the port cable broadband connection, no longer connected to the desktop, and this time, X6 can only receive WIFI signal.

7.X6 battery can be taken down? You can use a separate power supply can supply it? The battery can be replaced?
A: completely if X6 in fixed places where power, it is recommended to take out the battery alone power supply, so you can extend the battery life of the battery can be traded, if the battery fails, you can replace, if you. there are two batteries, two battery used alternately longer time.

8.X6 battery can work for how long?

A: With a 3G Internet, you can work continuously for about 12 hours when ADSL Internet access and wireless U disk storage, battery life will be longer different 3G network card, different power consumption, battery life is slightly different; 3G signal is bad. , will increase the 3G network cards transmit power, power consumption will increase.

9.The X6 with the outside business, no computer can set it right?

A: Yes, the router is fully compatible with IOS Platform and Android (Android) platform, these platforms use smart phones can set up the router, IOS Apple platform equipment iPhone , IPAD , iPod Touch And so on. Many of the Android platform devices, such as MOTO smartphone, HTC Samsung smart phones and so on.