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Arctic X6 3G Wireless Router | 10000mAh large capacity mobile power | built-in TF card WiFi

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: PORAY
  • Model: X6
  • TF card slot black (10000) + TF card slot white (10000) +16 G card white (7800) + TF card slot white X5 (10000) + TF card slot white (10000) + 16G card white (7800) + TF card slot white X5 (5200) + TF card slot white (10000) + TF card slot
  • Wireless transmission rate: 150Mbps
  • Yes No Built-in firewall: Yes
  • Whether to support VPN: Not supported
  • Network protocol: IEEE 802.11b / g / n
  • Condition: New
  • After-sales service: Genius

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Official standard': Host a, the original charge a line (can be connected to the computer charge), the use of manual.

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X6 colors are pure white and black metal wire drawing two

X6 accessories: host, battery (7800MA or 10000MA), USB charging cable, installation guide,.

Also for the ipad space capacity trouble? Also for the computer and ipad back and forth between the copy and delete the film and tired? Still for the high cost of NAS stop? Polaris X6, cost-effective mobile storage solutions , Is the iPhone, iPad, Andrews smart phone necessary for wireless network storage devices.

For detailed installation tutorials and network storage applications, visit the North Star Web site Http: // wwwporaycomcn / ch / networkasp (Copied to the browser open)

X6 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. X6What are the benefits of dual USB?

A: The benefits of dual USB is: in the boot state, it not only allows mobile phones, flat-panel Internet, but also give them a charge. Dual USB can also charge two mobile phones, free mix,

2. U disk is inserted
X6 which USB interface? How to access the contents of the U disk?

A: U disk can only be inserted in the 3G-USB port, and the router must boot. There are two ways to access the U disk:

A. in the phone, enter the tablet browser address bar:, enter the X6 main menu, and then click on the 'network storage' link to enter the U disk directory.

B. In the browser address bar directly enter:, you can quickly enter the U disk directory, where 6060 is the port number.

3. Why U disk some video can not play?
A: The reason for this problem is: mobile phone or tablet does not currently support this video format.For example, MPEG, RMVB, AVI video, etc., Apple iPhone, IPAD can not play, iPhone can only play MP4, MOV, M4V these Video format to play this format video, there are two ways:

A. to MPEG, RMVB, AVI this does not support the video format with the tools to convert the video format to support.

B. install third-party APP application on iPhone / iPad, for example, iPhone, iPad can install such as: Oplayer, Airplayer, Andrews mobile phone can install Mobo player installation method: Open App store, search the application name directly, then install (Some software is charged).

4. U disk images, files, video can be downloaded to the phone you?
A: This depends on the specific phone and the browser used to iPhone as an example: To store the U disk image, first open the picture, and then hold the picture with your fingers, do not let go, pop-up menu, point 'storage Image 'to save the picture to the iPhone' photos' If you want to U disk video downloaded to the iPhone / iPad, need to install third-party software on the phone, such as: Oplayer, GoodReader, they can not only download the video, Can play a variety of video formats.

5.X6Buy it back and plug it in 3GNIC will be able to 3G Internet?
A: For the support of 3G network card, plug in, the router to start smart dialing, will automatically network. Most of the card does not need to manually set.

6.X6 connected to the cable broadband Internet access, but also Can access desktop?
A: No, X6 only one cable interface, when the network cable port connected to broadband, can no longer connect to the desktop, and this time, X6 can only receive WIFI signal.

7.Can the X6's battery be removed? Can I use the power supply alone? Can the battery be replaced?
A: Yes.If the X6 is used in a fixed power supply, it is recommended to take out the battery.Independent use of power supply, this can extend the battery life.The battery can be changed, if the battery fails, you can replace, if you There are two batteries, two batteries in turn use, longer time.

8.How long does the X6's battery last?

A: 3G Internet access, you can work continuously for about 12 hours in the ADSL Internet and U disk wireless storage, the battery life will be longer. Different 3G network card, power consumption, life time slightly different; 3G signal is not good , Will increase the 3G card's transmit power, power consumption will increase.

9.X6 with a business trip in the outside, no computer can set it?

A: Yes, the router is fully compatible with IOS Platform and Android (Andrews) platform, the use of these platforms is the smart phone can set the router, IOS Platform equipment has Apple IPhone , IPAD , IPod Touch Etc. Andrews platform a lot of equipment, such as MOTO smartphone, HTC , Samsung smart phones and so on.