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Toshiba / Toshiba HDWD110AZSTA 1T 1TB desktop hard drive computer hard drive 64M 7200

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Toshiba / Toshiba HDWD110AZS ...
  • Brand: Toshiba / Toshiba
  • Model: HDWD110AZSTA
  • Applicable models: desktop
  • Hard drive capacity: 1TB
  • Hard disk rotational speed: 7200 rpm
  • Cache size: 64MB
  • Interface Type: SATA3
  • Size: 3.5 inches
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Toshiba (TOSHIBA) 3.5-inch desktop SATA hard disk
3.5 inch Desktop SATA hard drive, 7200 ultra-high speed, 32M super cache, 6Gb / sec ultra-fast; Fast boot, fast random read and write, and have been reading for large files; and can be used in low-power commercial desktops, including this 7200 design for high performance and low power consumption, contains 32MB of cache memory, designed for fast data processing and design; sector format contains advanced science and technology, the science and technology using standard 4K byte each section of the configuration and error correction function of the code, in order to improve data integrity, and more efficient use of the storage surface; halogen-free design, Toshiba demonstrated commitment for environmental awareness, reach the minimum impact on the environment. Toshiba reduction and elimination of other harmful substances in this family of drives.
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