Pennefather V500RGB mechanical keyboard 87 key backlit full-color full-key no red | lol games metal panel

Pennefather V500RGB mechanical keyboard 87 key backlit full-color full-key no red | lol games metal panel

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Rapoo / Pennefather V500RGB Edition
  • Brand: Rapoo / Pennefather
  • Pennefather keyboard: V500RGB Edition
  • Package Type: official standard
  • Whether mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Color Classification: Rose Gold Rose Gold black shaft green axis axis V500 white tea rose gold green axis [Version] is not backlit black V500 black shaft [version] V500 is not backlit black tea axis [Version] is not backlit silver streamer axial light silver and black tea green light champagne axial shaft axis champagne gold silver blue black shaft deep space gray axis champagne tea axis shaft deep space deep space blue ash gray tea axis
  • Whether to support Plug and Play: Support
  • Connection: Cable
  • Is there a multimedia function keys: None
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: Support
  • Have Satisfy: None
  • Condition: New
  • Service: Genius

Out of the box and the Preamble stunning debut Reviews

When approaching the end of the Pennefather even brought us a masterpiece --V500RGB mechanical keyboard, but surprisingly, this keyboard so that the true RGB backlight at the same time, it is brought 299 yuan this quite close to the people price, the price has been high with a keyboard to a new low, subvert our impression of them understanding of the RGB keyboard Pennefather V500RGB exactly how actual performance, and we are very curious, then the rest with view detailed evaluation of it under the keyboard.

Although this keyboard follows the Pennefather V500 as the most classic models, but in fact V500RGB and V500 has a different design, while maintaining a compact 87-key layout, the key switch to the floating metal grinding process on cover the base of combination of transparent material, such that the value of the keyboard Yan suddenly improved a lot, in addition to more beautiful outside, V500RGB looks a lot of high-end, very on the grade, giving the left a strong first impression.

Mechanical keyboard Pennefather V500RGB

Pennefather V500RGB mechanical keyboard out of the box

Pennefather V500RGB mechanical keyboard packaging

V500RGB packaging Pennefather this year is still the mainstream style, and the previous V500, V700 has a similar kind of arrangement, but not the same with that, not only by showing V500RGB plans to highlight RGB backlight, also joined a similar color ring icon to tell the user that a new selling point.

Pennefather V500RGB mechanical keyboard packaging

A high degree of utilization of the back, through the combination of graphic language and form multinational, listed and described in detail V500RGB some selling, which inherits the previous model full key no red, high response speed, fully customizable keys, half load memory while RGB backlighting, naturally, the weight of the head.

Mechanical keyboard Pennefather V500RGB inside the package

The keyboard of the packaging material used the more common corrugated paper, because it is not double packaging structure, open the lid you can see the keyboard body, in order to prevent unnecessary bump, the keyboard surface is covered with a transparent plastic film, and the upper end there 'carton' fixed and housed wire and accessories.

Mechanical keyboard Pennefather V500RGB Accessories

In order to bring the price close to the people, annex Pennefather V500RGB nature is relatively simple, but comes with a plastic pull key device and manual.

Yan quite high value keyboard Appearance

Three different shaft body, the color of the mechanical keyboard Pennefather V500RGB

Mechanical keyboard Pennefather V500RGB

Mechanical keyboard Pennefather V500RGB

The evaluation room we received a total of three Pennefather V500RGB keyboard, namely tea, green, black and three different shaft body and color. V500RGB use a compact 87-key layout is quite popular and is currently without borders, suspension buttons, and the metal cover and matte opaque material matched crystal base, bringing a high color value.

Mechanical keyboard Pennefather V500RGB details

In addition to the regular keys Pennefather V500RGB also FN shortcuts by FN + F1 ~ 12 can easily switch between different light effects, but also can use the FN + WIN WIN achieve the locking function.

Mechanical keyboard Pennefather V500RGB Crystal Border

Mechanical keyboard Pennefather V500RGB Crystal Border

Transparent crystal shell around the keyboard is very simple and beautiful, on the back of the port entry location, design Pennefather LOGO, there are hidden around the wraparound luminous band, officially known as floor lamps, crystal keypad after 30 seconds the bottom cover strip floor lamp automatically enter the spectrum cycling mode.

Pennefather V500RGB mechanical design underside of the keyboard

Pennefather V500RGB legs and effects after open

At the bottom of the use of a six round non-slip rubber used, in addition to supporting the feet is also studded with a large area of ​​rubber material, the actual keystrokes when V500RGB the displacement is not easy, very solid display.

Pennefather V500RGB Wire

As wire material, V500RGB use is relatively common in the preparation of the outer layer of nylon, length of 1.8 meters and at various temperatures, the wire is still able to maintain good flexibility. Static magnetic wire on the keyboard can be use, play a role in immunity, while the interface section also has gold plated to enhance oxidation resistance.

The effect is outstanding shaft details and lighting effects

Keycap and shaft details

Pennefather V500RGB keycaps

Pennefather V500RGB gradient buttons

Pennefather V500RGB R1-R4 have four different heights Cap, combined with the inclination of the keyboard itself, when the use of comfort is good. Keycaps color injection molding process, positive for delicate matte surface, surrounded by an outer mirror . Double injection keycaps light effect is good, not easy to wear, fade.

The official presentation of the Pennefather RGB axis

Three kinds RGB axis real shot, long key part of the use of satellite shaft design

V500RGB equipped with RGB axis Pennefather independent intellectual property rights, there are black, blue, tea III, the theoretical electrical life 60 million times. Pennefather RGB axis is not simply added lamp beads only, instead of using adaptive patch LED light pipe, the unique double cross blade design, so that the contact reliability doubled; copper shrapnel is the best in beryllium copper, gold contacts for the contact, thick gold plating, the use of imported spring special spring steel wire.

Outstanding RGB lighting effect

Pennefather V500RGB lighting effects

Pennefather V500RGB lighting effects

Pennefather RGB backlighting effect of the shaft to bring the effect is absolutely satisfactory, with waves, spectrum, area color mode, colorful circular breathing, Fairy, sparkling, steady pattern that several different effects, and even in the absence of a case can still drive a certain custom, when used directly in the form of switching regulator FN + F1 ~ 12 shortcuts, as to the actual operation netizens may wish to use and reference manual, not here detailed explanation a.

Surprisingly, using the experience and lessons

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