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Hosee Apple 5 model iPhone 5S phone model machine 5C 1: 1 turn black apple 4S model

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: hosee
  • Model: 5S
  • Color Category: 5C plastic yellow color 5C plastic green color 5C plastic pink color 5C plastic yellow black 5C plastic green black 5C plastic pink black 4S plastic white black 4S plastic black black 5S fine metal golden color 5S fine metal silver color 5S fine metal black color 5S Fine Metal Black Black 5S Fine Metal Silver Black 5S Fine Metal Black Black 5 on behalf of the metal silver black 5 on behalf of the metal gray black 5S metal black black 5S metal silver black 5S plastic black black 5S plastic silver black 5S plastic gray black

5S metal version