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Wei Jian | Apple iphone4 4s phone shell protective shell | iphone4s mobile phone sets soft silicone jacket cartoon

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Product parameters:

  • Protective sleeve texture: Silicone
  • Style: Case
  • Color Classification: deep pink Happy Rabbit - deep pink lanyard mint small Greek sun - luminous version pale green background wind dress sun sunlight small Greek Rose - Glow Edition Rose Youth Rose small Greek brown bear happy lady rabbit small Greek youth mint deep pink lady rabbit deep pink mermaid purple end of the wind dress green wind dress - Glow Edition on purple mermaid deep pink wind dress green happy rabbit - green lanyard green background sunlight small Greek blue happy bear sky blue sun small hope deep pink sun small hope deep pink youth little hope pale green background wind dress small Greek youth happy bear pink
  • Style: Cartoon
  • Applicable phone models: Apple 4s
  • Model: 4s
  • Brand: Wei Jian
  • Model: Apple 4 / 4S