Mini projector home HD projector home theater smart wireless wifi mini TV watching TV

Mini projector home HD projector home theater smart wireless wifi mini TV watching TV

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brightness: 1200 lumens
  • Platform type: China number
  • Delivery screen size: 60 inches to 120 inches
  • Operating system: Andrews
  • Support the number of colors: 16.77 million colors
  • Optimal running distance: 1-3.8
  • Body size (cm): 20.8 * 16.83 * 7.8
  • Keystone correction range: ± 15 degrees
  • Bulb power: led bulb
  • Lamp life: 30,000 hours
  • Scaling: Not scalable
  • (Built-in TV box, with WIFI will be able to watch TV) commercial and residential version of 1088 yuan (small companies BOSS featured version)
  • Brand: Lethal gun
  • Model: ZB-S099
  • Technology: Single-chip LCD technology
  • Zoom factor: 2.25 times
  • Brightness: 1000 lumens (including) -1200 lumens (not included)
  • Resolution (dpi): 854x480dpi
  • Contrast: 3001: 1-4000: 1
  • Screen ratio: 16: 9
  • Time to market: 2016
  • Package: official standard
  • Lamp type: LED bulb

Can watch the ball is 'good' projection

Watch, projection and TV What is the biggest difference?

A: After losing the projection screen is not afraid of being thrown

Projection compared with the TV, then both sides in the most favorable environment, the projection win.

This is the impact of the cinema under the impact of television can still be reborn rebirth of the brilliant reproduction of the reasons.

The advantage of television is that the surrounding conditions are not so harsh.

But can not do as the shock effect of the projection,

Especially at night in the yard, the roof, the grass in the outdoor environment,

We beer and string together the passion of watching the ball there all of a sudden.

We do not need such a little bit happy?

Earth people are the same,

Americans are so watching football

Korea Oba is such a look

And China, is this ... ...

Is a sense of place on behalf of relatively strong

Think about the 100-inch immersive effects of games or movies

52-inch difference, it can not be the same day, with the projector to see the game

When you see a good shot or God LOL will be excited after the operation of good!

While the phone, iPad, computer, TV watching the game, and not.

This is the so-called generation of sense, right?

The TV is like this

What kind of projector is more suitable for watching the ball?

The most important indicator is the contrast, lumens only basic indicators.

People who buy the projector know that such a concept lumen

Lumen is just how much light to solve the problem

The more the amount of light interference ability is stronger

The following two pictures are real shot anti-jamming light real shot map

(Screen to enlarge the actual 100-inch photos)

The following is the effect of lighting, lighting for the ordinary fluorescent

Select the ball projector, the most, the most important indicator is the contrast

Contrast, Contrast, Contrast , The important thing to say 3 times.

Most of the colors on the field is green and white

Contrast is to make bright colors brighter, darker darker,

Football high brightness, low grass brightness, contrast to make football brighter, so that grass is darker

Wide-angle live broadcast, the players and the ball screen area of ​​only 1/60

Only the high contrast allows you to see every movement of the football trajectory

Because too high contrast will make the color distortion, ordinary projection contrast ratio is 3000

This model is 6000, so love watching the pro

For this type of small series to say is: cool!

On the left of Figure 2 is a low contrast, right 1, a higher contrast

So football and players of the shading and background opened

When it comes to clarity, we naturally think of the resolution, in fact, this is a conspiracy, the conspiracy of mobile phone manufacturers

Because the cost of mobile phones is not allowed to be occupied by the camera lens

Then the clarity of mobile phone camera can only use the resolution to steal the concept

In fact resolution to solve the problem is the screen savvy

With the change will appear mosaic, gives the illusion is not clear

Native 1024 * 768 resolution similar micro-cast 800 * 600 resolution

In fact, the clear decisive factor is the quality of lens lenses

Like this model is the same as the use of SLR lenses

5-chip precision lens group, the lens coating to reduce reflection attenuation

Another factor that makes the decision clear is proper focusing

Maybe we will replace the environment, to open-air watching

Would you like to move the device back and forth to adjust the focal length, or are you willing to set up the device's chic sliding focus ring?

So have a focus ring with the projector is necessary to watch the projection

(Optional Note: Taobao only 20% of the baby with a physical optical tuning ring)

The machine is also a built-in playback of the TV box, a wifi will be able to watch

Watching is the card, football this stuff, great chance

And each time will be stuck in the accident, seems to have become a necessity

Solution 4 +512 +9, play smooth password

4 core means that the speed is fast enough to do without delay synchronization playback

512 memory + 8G flash memory means that the speed is not fast enough

Only card once,

Then still smooth playback delay

Xiaobian students, no money no resources, and some are full of feelings and a lot of time

Now tired to work into the dog, the game can not see,

Sometimes at noon to think of it up to brush results, won Lele, lost also

The work on hand or to hurry to complete, not that do not like to watch the ball

Just time and energy are placed on other things, not so into it

Cherish this time, whether you are not a student, as long as you still have time to meditate watching

Cherish This love and hate football, Breaking the curse coach, shouting the day refueling

Happiness is not a currency that can be taken from zero

World Cup every 4 years, the European Cup 4 years, 4 years of the Olympic Games ... ...

Xiaobian love ball love projection, the above are derived from the life experience

Willing to exchange, please add me Want, we talk about Oh ~ ~