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Welcomusb PC Game Handle pc360 Android Support Mobile TV Box Hand Tour CF King Glory

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Welcom WE-825S
  • Brand: Welcom
  • Model: WE-825S
  • Wireless: Wired
  • Color classification: white blue black military green
  • Handle characteristics: vibration
  • Interface type: USB

This section for the wired game controller to support computer, TV, Andrews box, Andrews projector, OTG Andrews mobile phones and other equipment.Not support the Apple system, Andrews mobile phone use need to support OTG can (phone model + OTG Baidu search to query) This section of the handle without bracket, the need to use the OTG line players need additional purchase, the product does not gift OTG line.

This section of the handle support OTG function of Andrews mobile phone, you can directly support through the line of fire, the king of glory, Naruto, the war of freedom and other popular hand tour, the game directly to the grape game hall can be downloaded.

Recommended to buy two doubles Gengshuang, two purchase a lot of Oh!

Express default In the pass / Shentong Express other courier need to make up the freight difference, do not make no hair.

Special Note: The handle does not support XBOX360 game console, only support the computer and PS3 and some Andrews equipment