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Original Lenovo Y450 Y460 Y470 Y480 Y400 Y410 Y430p power adapter | charger

Original Lenovo Y450 Y460 Y470 Y480 Y400 Y410 Y430p power adapter | charger
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Lenovo / Lenovo Y460
  • Applicable models: Lenovo / Lenovo
  • Model: Y460
  • Purchasing: Mainland China
  • Applicable Brand: Lenovo / Lenovo
  • Lenovo series models: Tianyi Y series
  • Charger for the form: direct charge
  • Whether original: original
  • Output voltage: 20V
  • Output current: 4.5A

New Lenovo original power supply

Counter price of 280 yuan

Special offer 108

Lenovo services Genius a year

Boxed original authentic

Delta ADP-90DD

Group light CPA-A090

Support the official website, after-sales verification

Lenovo Lenovo 20V -4.5A 90W laptop power adapter! Buy to send power cord


OUR sale of goods are authentic Genius, you can associate after-sales identification!
(1) on the power cord: the power is the Lenovo service station directly getting goods, the new power supply is not included in the normal power cord, only the adapter, sold at 280 yuan Lenovo does not contain power cord, so you buy our original power adapter to send you Genuine power cord one, so please do not matter because of the power cord!
(2) on the power indicator: 13-year-old, the new power supply are no lights, early lights with the old section is now discontinued
(3) on the power of heat: the power side of the side of the work in the case of charging is full of work, this time the power is the hottest time, as long as the normal use, are normal, because when the battery charge itself Large power, and work this time belongs to the power overload state, the battery is full of temperature will naturally come down!
(4) On the original power supply is not the same: the original power adapter has a lot of manufacturers, the most common is the Taiwan-based and Lite-On and group light, the letter foundry production, manufacturers foundry different details will be different, even if the manufacturer, Production date is different, different batches, will be different, as if three people to buy the same model of the computer, different times to buy the power supply may not be the same, so the original and the original touch the same, this view is clear Is wrong, because the manufacturers every year or even every month in the replacement, we can not be around!

Power Supply Guide: To avoid buying errors, it is recommended that you carefully check the power supply, output parameters, and interface specifications when purchasing power adapters.
Power supply: 90W
Input voltage: AC100V-240V Universal

Output parameters: 20V 4.5A
Interface specifications: diameter Φ5.5mm × diameter
Power wire: high-quality GB 1.5 m AC power cord (three core ultra-thick copper wire core, standard 3 * 0.75 square)

Power Color: Black
Power supply size: 30 * 50 * 128mm
Power Weight: 260g

For all Lenovo models:

Y400 y410 Y460 Y430 Y460 Y430 Y430 Y530 Y430 Y530 Y430 G480 G480 G480 G480 V470 U430 U450 U450 U450 U450 U450 U550 Y330 Y430 Z360 G470 G480 V470 V460 G460 Z460 Z460 Z560Yang days B450 B460 B470 V360 V460 V550Tian Yi 100A200 80 / 80A F20 F21 F30 F31 F40M F41 Y200 Y330 Y510 Y520 Y800 Y810The sun 125A125F 125L / 125C 210 410L / M C100 C430G C460 C461 C462 C466L / M C467M C510M C465A C467A C510A C466A N220 N440G 410A 420A Zhaoyang E23 E41E K12 K12 K13 K12 K25 K5 E205 E260 E280L E280S E290M E290G E370G / P E390M E600A E600G / P E680 E42L K71 All models are available online.

Special tips: pro-machine if Y470 Y480 CPU in Core Duo in I7 and above Please choose 120W power 19.5-6.15 shoot

1. Lenovo sun and rain aftermarket, Lenovo's official website can be verified; Http://support1.lenovo.com.cn/lenovo/wsi/usercenter/userProduct/SparePartInfoSearch.aspx?searchvalue=

2. Genuine licensed Lenovo this section of the power adapter sn code, in the power adapter itself; power side SN and power box side are marked and consistent.

3. With Lenovo service bar code to enjoy the Genius, a year warranty, sn code query whether the original power supply genuine

4. All arrival of the power adapter for the new unopened packaging.

5. Lenovo itself is not the production of power adapter, the power is by Delta (DELTA); Lite-On (LITEON); force letter (LI-SHIN) for the Lenovo OEM production. Due to power supply for the unopened packaging, I do not know the Secretary for each batch of the arrival of the specific power supply which factory production, please understand. No matter which manufacturers OEM, are Lenovo licensed genuine licensed to support the Genius.

6. The following picture for the power adapter of the true colors, are in-kind shooting. Absolute regular licensed.

7. For Lenovo notebook computer output for the 20V 4.5A interface diameter 5.5mm diameter 2.5mm all books.

Tips: customers such as products in the course of the use of quality problems, please do not privately repair, privately dismantling Lenovo is not guaranteed.

Some buyers will ask why Taobao so many tens of dollars of the original it you how this one hundred more you do not earn profits ah
Outside people also said that the original Oh
Here we give you about what the difference lies

1 that kind of power is not in the aftermarket warranty
2 is not sure the kind of power is not real goods
3 that power can not be found in the Lenovo official website information
4 is likely to be high imitation goods of course, people can see at a glance Oh

Cottage things really did not guarantee to burn the machine with the accident is nobody to buy the time is very cheap but it is really not cheap to use back and forth toss
It is not as good as how to spend dozens of dollars to buy a licensed original shop is not expensive to sell Oh is exactly the same with the sale of the station and you take my power can be sold throughout the country for one year warranty service Out of any questions Lenovo will give you a satisfactory answer
Aftermarket offer more than 300 Oh

Dear Amoy Friends: shop a large number of cash, please carefully compare the parameters and interface, the number can be used on the next, fancy a direct shot, today afternoon 6:30 pm before the payment can be shipped the same day

1. Our commitment to customers from the receipt of goods 7 days Baotui, 15 days Baohuan (only the three bags of the provisions of the quality assurance issues.) As a result of product quality problems caused by the return of the corresponding transport costs borne by the shop , Please buyers by phone or online way to get in touch with us, customer service staff for your arrangements for Returns. Please the buyer within 15 days to ensure that the goods are complete without damage, or can not return the goods normally

2. Taobao Mall 7 days no reason to return Returns: According to the provisions of Taobao Mall, the buyer received goods within 7 days, no damage in the goods outside the packaging, one-time seal is not open, does not affect the case of secondary sales within 7 days can Return goods, round-trip freight borne by the buyer. 7 days no reason to return policy conditions: buyers receive the goods, not demolition of packaging, one-time seal is not damaged, all items remain new state of the original. Reason for return: the machine or accessories outside the packaging damaged or altered, one-time seal was opened or damaged, can not be sold as a new product for the second time.

In addition: If the computer is a valuables, if the buyer is due to personal reasons such as the appearance or machine performance is not satisfied to return, if the machine seal has been opened, you need to pay the original machine price of 5% depreciation, and bear all Freight, non-computer goods, etc. can not be returned

3. Returns process:

Please contact the customer first contact with the customer service, confirmed by customer service can be returned and returned to the shop. OUR refused to sign any customer service has not been confirmed to return the goods.