Original Lenovo Y450 Y460 Y470 Y480 Y400 Y410 Y430p power adapter | charger

Original Lenovo Y450 Y460 Y470 Y480 Y400 Y410 Y430p power adapter | charger

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Lenovo / Lenovo Y460
  • Applicable models: Lenovo / Lenovo
  • Model: Y460
  • For brand: Lenovo / Lenovo
  • Lenovo series models: Tin Yat series Y
  • Charger for form: direct charge
  • Whether the original: Original
  • Output voltage: 20V
  • Output Current: 4.5A

The new Lenovo original power supply

Counter price of 280 yuan

Specials 108

Lenovo service Genius year

Boxed genuine original

Delta ADP-90DD

Chicony CPA-A090

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Lenovo Lenovo 20V -4.5A 90W notebook power adapter! Maijiu power line


We sold the goods are original authentic Genius, you can identify Lenovo sale!
(1) Power Cord: The power supply is Lenovo service station getting goods directly, the new power supply is normal without power cord, adapter only, Lenovo sale sold 280 yuan also does not include the power cord, so you buy the shop you send the original power adapter genuine power line, so please do not question the power cord for something!
(2) on the power indicator: the latest 13 years, no new power indicator light, illuminated the old models now discontinued early
(3) on the heating power: power at work while charging case is at full capacity, this is the hottest time when the power supply, as long as the normal use, is a normal phenomenon, because the time to charge the battery itself is very fee large power, and this time the work belongs to the power overload condition, the battery is fully temperature naturally come down!
(4) On power and his first wife is not the same: there are a lot of original power adapter manufacturers, the most common is the Taiwan and Japan Lite OEM and Chicony, there will be differences of the letter on OEM production, OEM manufacturers of different details, even if the same manufacturer, production dates are different, different batches will be different, as if three people buy the same model of computer, with different periods to buy power may be different, so-called original and exactly the same as the original, this view is clearly It is wrong, because the manufacturers replacement every year or even every month, we can not control!

Power Selection Guide: To avoid later errors, we recommend that you purchase a power adapter, please carefully check the power supply, the output parameter (Output) and interface specifications.
Power: 90W
Input voltage: AC100V-240V universal

Output parameters: 20V 4.5A
Interface Specifications: diameter Φ5.5mm × inner diameter
Power Wire: High quality GB 1.5 m AC power cord (three-core ultra-pure copper wire core coarse, standard 3 * 0.75 square)

Power Color: Black
Power Dimensions: 30 * 50 * 128mm
Power Weight: 260g

Lenovo all applicable models:

y400 y410 Y460 Y470 Y800 Y560 Y450 Y710 Y530 Y430 Y550 y480 G480 V470 Z470 U130 U165 U350 U450 U450P U460 U550 Y330 Y430 Z360 G470 G480 V470 V460 G460 Z460 Z475 Z560 G230 G430 G450 G460Yang days B450 B460 B470 V360 V460 V550Tianyi 100A200 80 / 80A F20 F21 F30 F31 F40M F41 Y200 Y330 Y510 Y520 Y800 Y810Rising Sun 125A125F 125L / 125C 210 410L / M C100 C430G C460 C461 C462 C466L / M C467M C510M C465A C467A C510A C466A N220 N440G 410A 420A Zhaoyang E23 E41G K23 K12 K13 K41 K42 E255 E260 E280L E280S E290M E290G E370G / P E390M E600A E600G / P E680 E42L K71 model is not eleven full consultation online customer service

Special Note: Pro machine in case of Y470 Y480 CPU Core Duo in I7 and above Please select 120W power 19.5-6.15 shot

1. Lenovo aftermarket sun and rain, Lenovo's official website can be verified;

2. Genuine licensed Lenovo power adapter sn code section, the power adapter itself; supply side SN number and power side of the box has a label and consistent.

3. With Lenovo service barcode enjoy the Genius, one year warranty, sn code to query whether the original authentic

4. The power adapter for the new arrival all unopened packaging.

5. The association itself is not producing power adapter, the power supply is made Delta (DELTA); Lite (LITEON); Lixin (LI-SHIN) Lenovo OEM. Due to a power arrival of unopened packaging, Division I do not know the power of each batch arrival which specific factory production, please understand. No matter what manufacturers OEM, are Lenovo authorized authentic licensed to support Genius.

6. The following picture for the power adapter flesh, they are taken in kind. Absolutely regular routine.

7. suitable for Lenovo laptop 20V 4.5A output interface to the inner diameter of the outer diameter of 5.5mm 2.5mm of all the books.

Tips: Dear customers such as product quality problems arise during use, please do not dismantle unauthorized repair, overhaul Lenovo is not privately insured.

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Some buyers ask why Taobao so many hundreds of dollars more than the original how do you do this you are not one hundred earn huge profits ah
People also said the original oh outside
Here I give a talk about where the difference lies

1 that the power station is not in aftermarket warranty
2 kind of uncertainty is not genuine power
3 kind of power can not be found in the association's information official website
4 is likely to be high imitation goods of course, one can see that people understand Oh

Cottage things really did not burn out the machine with unexpected assurance is to buy when nobody is very cheap but do not really use them cheap tossing to and fro
You might as well spend hundreds of dollars to buy a genuine licensed shop selling this really is not expensive Oh, with the sale of the station and you took me exactly the same power can be carried out one year warranty after-sales service stations around the country out any problems Lenovo will give you a satisfactory reply
Aftermarket stations offer more oh 300

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