Dual hard disk | 16-channel network video recorder | Network DVR | Million high-definition NVR

Dual hard disk | 16-channel network video recorder | Network DVR | Million high-definition NVR

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Memory capacity: 1TB 2TB 3TB 4TB 500GB None
  • Brand: Stjiatu
  • Model: ST-NVR16
  • Interface type: BNC / VGA / HDIM
  • Number of surveillance cameras: 16
  • Compression format: H.264
  • Applicable to: DVR business machine
  • City services: city logistics door-to-door


NVR 16 million high-definition network DVR

  • The device can work independently locally, but also networking to form a powerful security monitoring network, with the network video monitoring platform software, fully embodies its powerful networking and remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Through the cloud services, easy to achieve a variety of network penetration, one step to achieve remote monitoring, which abandoned a variety of complex network settings, simple, very convenient.
  • The main stream of two kinds of code at the same time encoding the main stream local storage to ensure high-quality images; auxiliary stream network real-time transmission, easy to solve the problem of bandwidth bottlenecks

  • Support for all types of mobile phone monitoring (iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android), support 3G dial-up, WIFI module expansion
  • Support for multiple web browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari)

  • Support 2 USB2.0 interface, stable USB mouse, backup, burn, upgrade and other operations

  • Similar to the CMS operating style, simple and clear mode of operation, so get started very easy

  • Support TV, VGA and HDMI output at the same time, VGA, HDMI Full HD 1080P display output, completely overturn the traditional monitor display

  • Powerful network services (support DHCP, PPPOE, FTP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, EMAIL, IP authority, IP search, alarm center, etc.), perfect matching (WEB, client, SDK).

  • (Domain name service) (ARSP), remote monitoring a key enable, so that monitoring becomes easy and happy. At the same time provide 3322 (Greek network), dyndns, oray (peanut shell), myq-see domain name services

  • Perfect protection circuit, triple watchdog function, to ensure that equipment does not crash

  • Standard ONVIF protocol, can support the ONVIF protocol front-end IPC connection, you can also support the ONVIF client connection.
  • Hard disk work management with non-working disk hibernation processing, which will help reduce heat dissipation and reduce power consumption, to extend the life of the hard disk.

  • Storage data using a dedicated format, can not tamper with the data to ensure data security compression

  • Mobile phone platform : Support for all types of mobile phone monitoring (iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android)
  • Language support : More than 20 languages ​​(English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, etc.)
  • The equipment can be used in banking, telecommunications, electricity, justice, transportation, intelligent community, factories, warehouses, resources, water conservancy facilities and other fields, the security sector.

Product parameters

  • Main processor: HiSilicon Hi3535
  • Operating System: Embedded LINUX operating system
  • System resources: multi-channel real-time video, multi-channel real-time playback, multi-channel network operation, USB backup
  • Operation interface: 16-bit straight color graphical menu interface, support for mouse operation
  • Screen display: 1/4/8/16 screen
  • Video standard: PAL (625 lines, 50 fields / second); NTSC (525 lines, 60 fields / second)
  • Image decoding: H.264
  • Monitoring quality: Max 1920 * 1080
  • Playback quality: 1080P / 720P / 960H / D1 / HD1 / CIF / QCIF
  • Decoding capability: 1 channel 5M / 4 channel 1080P / 4 channel 960P
  • Video access mode: 4-channel 1080P / 8 D1
  • Motion detection: rely on front-end camera
  • Recording mode: Manual> Alarm> Dynamic detection> Timing
  • Local playback: 1 way 5M / 4 way 1080P / 4 way 960P playback
  • Each channel takes up hard disk space: Video: CIF 4 ~ 5G / day * Channel, D1 8 ~ 10G / day * Channel; 960H 12G ~ 20G / 720P 20 ~ 30G / day * channel; 1080P ~ 40G / day * channel; audio 691.2M / day * channel
  • Video save: local hard drive, network
  • Backup: network backup, USB mobile hard disk, USB burn, SATA burn
  • Video output: 1 channel VGA, 1 channel HDMI high-definition output
  • Network interface: 1 RJ45 10M / 100M adaptive Ethernet port
  • PTZ control: 1 RS485 interface, support a variety of PTZ protocol
  • USB interface: 2 USB2.0 interface
  • Hard disk interface: 2 SATA interface (each max supports 6T)
  • Power consumption: <10W (without hard disk)
  • ONVIF: Standard
  • Product weight: 2.54kg
  • Product List: DVR (without hard disk)