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Desktop PC Screen Protector Film 17 19.5 21.5 23 24 27 inch Monitor Screen Saver

Desktop PC Screen Protector Film 17 19.5 21.5 23 24 27 inch Monitor Screen Saver
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Veedooca / Viduka
  • Model: PMM01
  • Size: 19 inches
  • Color classification: sticker-17 standard screen (square screen) 5: 4 paste frame -17.4 widescreen 16:10 paste frame -18.5 widescreen paste frame -19.4 widescreen 16:10 paste frame -19 standard screen (square screen) 5: 4 (This specification is not commonly used, carefully selected) paste frame -19.5 widescreen 16: 9 paste frame -19.5 widescreen 16:10 paste frame -20 widescreen 16: 9 paste frame -21.5 widescreen 21.5 no border frame -22 widescreen paste frame - 23.6 widescreen picture frame -23 widescreen picture frame-23.8 widescreen 23 no border section 23.8 no border section 23.6 no border frame -24.1 widescreen 16:10 frame -24 widescreen 16: 9 24 no border section 16: 9 stickers Frame -26 widescreen 27 fine side without border paragraph 27 rough edge border frame paragraph -27 widescreen
  • Size: 19 inches
  • Item No .: PMM01

Please note that this protective film is attached to the computer outside the border, not posted on the screen, Practical and convenient, can be used multiple times, High transparent anti-violet light ! Buy this, both convenient and practical, get home to paste on OK friends!

Borderless display, narrow border display, glass border display, please Consult customer service for the appropriate protective film.

Note: gift desktop keyboard membrane is the standard keyboard General paragraph not all keyboard are suitable, such as your keyboard does not match, please forgive me!

Click on the dimensions above to choose a size that is not available in other options

As the display brand models, the same size display frame size is not the same, but the internal screen size is the same.Protective film may not be able to paste to the edge, but certainly larger than the screen to protect the screen .If you want high buy Home, be sure to paste the same size as the border, then please take a similar size, and then notes on the length of their measurement, we can follow the size of your remarks for your customized shipping.

Hard sheet, Viduka special thickening, the thickness of0.25Mm, than the average thickness of the protection of the entire double

The screen film for the high-definition high-permeability protective film, there is no matte surface, note the need for matte film is invalid, all shipped high-definition high permeability.

Films purchased at corresponding sizes may only be attached to a portion of the display bezel area of ​​the monitor and may not be fully covered with the display bezel because the size of the plastic bezel for each display frame is different if you require the entire display bezel Are plastered, it is recommended that you purchase a larger size than the size of the monitor specifications, but need to self-pruning, if required, we asked you to take a larger size than the monitor specifications in the supplementary note you need Dimensions (not the model of the monitor) You can or contact customer service.

Our film is affixed to the border so the height of a little higher than the amount of the pro, designers are good! Parents do not know how to judge is not appropriate to quantify their own internal display screen, and then select a length and width and you Close to the film on it, the big point is normal, just next to the border, the screen is not easy to enter the dust!

Pro, please look at the instructions and then place an order, this film is affixed to the border, unlike the mobile phone foil, paste inside absorption, please note!

Suitable for school cafes and other places in public places such as the use of hospitals, large and more concessions can be customized factory specifications, only need to provide length and width dimensions can be customized, do not receive processing fees.

* Internet cafes, please call our free 400 direct phone

Baby Description:

1. Can effectively protect the computer screen, no bumps, scratches and stains
2. Use a soft cloth to wipe decontamination can be
3. Installation fixed to the monitor border, easy to operate (With 3M special double-sided adhesive fixed to the monitor four sides of the border, leaving no residual glue, repeated use ) Double-sided adhesive has been affixed to the film
4. The surface is smooth, transparent, clarity, light transmission rate of 99.9%
5. Does not support 3D screen, touch screen

Note: The protective film is a single layer of protective film, there are fine scratches are normal, fine scratches will not affect the display, use completely unseen, please be assured parents to buy, such as the proposed purchase Viduka Of the three-layer electrostatic adsorption protective film LCD screen Oh!

1. Products using imported PET material, a new generation of high-transparent ultra-thin LCD screen protection of special materials;
2. The protective film surface by wear-resistant anti-scratch treatment, wear-resistant strength is high;
3. Protective film by UV treatment, to avoid ultraviolet radiation on the eyes and skin damage, play a radiation protection function;
4. Transmittance of 99.9%, paste the screen more clear and realistic;
5. Imported Japanese precision die cutting technology, the size of the proportion of extremely accurate, seamless fit various models of the screen, close to the edge of the screen;
6, scratch-resistant plan, available 2-5 years