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ROCK Intelligent Car Autobot car recorder mini-one night vision wide-angle wifi

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Product parameters:

  • Compatible platforms: ANDROID MIUI WindowsMobile iOS
  • Brand: ROCK / Locke
  • Model: Eye of the sky
  • 32G memory card + cable buckle 'high with the version of' Champagne gold bracket + + to send a smart car charger + 32G memory card to take the deduction buckle ' High-profile version of the 'deep gray with bracket + to send smart car charger + 32G memory card + cable buckle' standard E-free car charger 'deep gray with stand + 32G card + cable buckle' Standard E-free car charger 'Silver with a bracket + 32G card + alignment deduction

High version:

Standard E version without car charger:

Recorder with double-sided tape used in the time:

If it is the first time paste double-sided adhesive products are strongly recommended to read the following installation after Oh, veteran skip directly ... ...

Do not touch the double-sided tape of the snap-on base that has been torn off before touching

Paste as much as possible after the use of hand pressure for a few minutes this process remember not to shake the buckle or unplug the re-paste (because double-sided adhesive paste effect will be 50%

Do not use any chemical cleaning agent after cleaning paste, such as asphalt detergent, foam cleanser, instrument table wax, etc. because these and double-sided adhesive conflict.

The correct method is to use a clean towel sticky point of water after repeated wipe to dry (be sure to dry or dry Oh, there is no moisture in the sticky)

Do not control the paste after the good, do not curiosity driven shaking look tight, so doomed easily fall off, because the double-sided adhesive generally takes 3-7 days to play the maximum viscosity and stability down

Usually maintenance attention, do not let chemical cleaning agent sprayed directly on the buckle or towel hanging

Cold weather is recommended to use double-sided plastic heating under the hairdryer to about 30 degrees and then paste the better