HiTech wireless camera mini monitor home network wifi smart phone

HiTech wireless camera mini monitor home network wifi smart phone

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Was like Color: Color
  • Brand: High surgery
  • Model: GSWIFID81S
  • Smart Type: Other
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Focal length: Standard
  • Photosensitive area: 1/4 inch
  • City services: city logistics delivery
  • Effective distance: 0m (free) -10m (free)
  • Lens size specifications: 3.6mm

MD81S WIFI methods of operation:

1. On the phone scan two-dimensional code to download APP box or open the phone market to find 9527 Download Machine charged, card, boot the machine hit WIFI file.

2. Find the phone is open WIFI will find a WIFI name: MD81S, connect it to enter the password: 12345678 Show Connected

3. Open the software shown above online local point, the point is that you can go online to view real-time local, no network, which is a mobile phone and a direct view of the machine WIFI

4. Open the software shown above online local point point line on the right there is a small gear that is entered into, there is a wireless configuration, wireless configuration, set WIFI name and password issued by your router. Save The machine hit the IP file. Wait a minute or so.

5. Open software remote point, user name, password sticker on the back of the machine input sign can be remotely monitored and to be behind the machine scans two-dimensional code is automatically added!

6. If you press the reset hole crashes can try it, take a toothpick in the security situation at power on. Memory card format it.

Note is to use high-speed memory card to a compatible one machine can be used.

Network monitoring cameras consists of three functional modes:

1. Proximity monitoring functions: refers to mobile phones, tablet PCs, notebook computers can connect the camera directly to search through their WIFI signal, view real-time video images range up to 30 meters (if the memory card is placed inside the machine, real-time video conference. automatically saved to the memory card, you can remove the memory card look at the video.)

2. Network remote monitoring: refers to mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops can view real-time video surveillance cameras through the normal network remote places as long as the Internet where you can see, even if you're far away in a foreign country (!! If a memory card is placed inside the machine, real-time video is automatically saved to the memory card, you can remove the memory card look at the video.)

3. Third Species are recorded straight surveillance video mode: When the case you are not able to use real-time monitoring, you can insert the memory card directly into the camera and plug in the power, this time is equivalent to the general store surveillance camera one machine you use

Machine features:

> Small body, the whole size of 56mm * 20mm * 20mm

> The machine video card, it will automatically power on or boot record stored in memory card inside, sound recording and video synchronization;

> Long-term recording an hour only about 200M of memory, such as: 8G memory card can hold two days;

> Wireless remote monitoring camera through wifi connection wireless networking router, any other place, mobile phones, computers, tablets can remotely monitor, internet, infinity;

> Proximity wifi point monitoring camera itself issued wifi signal, wifi point after the phone is connected monitor, no network;

> Mobile phones, computers remotely stored surveillance video at the same time, easy playback viewing;

> Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, no external power supply, sustainable for about 60 minutes video surveillance;

> External power supply side of the recorder while charging;

> Power automatic recovery, network recovery after off network automatically connect remote monitoring;

> Intelligent Mobile Save frame function, the screen still, Save to save the frame to reduce the memory footprint, save longer recording time;

Features: WIFI, P2P, network remote viewing, recording video card, while filling side recorded, loop coverage function support 32G card scan two-dimensional code to download the software!!!

Remote monitoring capabilities of this camera is connected to the Internet via a wireless wifi WIFI wireless router to issue, in the context of the local point of view, to set the phone APP software on any other network place, mobile phones, computers installed software , you can see the monitor screen. A network, infinity!

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Another HD 1080P IR WIFI version: