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  • Brand: KonNaD / Connecticut
  • Model number: IO configuration
  • Network Device Type: Other
  • Color Classification: Standard Edition (Open) Trial Version (1 month)

C2000 Device Management Monitoring Workstation Is the first configuration software products, is to use a powerful system administrators can quickly complete the basic workstations of the whole system, through the C2000 device management monitoring workstation, system administrators can complete all the equipment to add, set Management, monitoring equipment, real-time status, report query work. C2000 Device Management Monitoring Workstation Located at Operation of the most simple configuration software, with Kangnide C2000 A / B / C series of products to use, the standard version can access 20,000 device management point.

product features:

Only three steps can be completed Koncon IO product monitoring

Rich data reporting, to meet customer demand for real-time monitoring

Powerful database support, support SQL Server and Access two databases

Careful system security, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the entire system

Integrates the KNITT product search setup protocol, greatly reducing the customer development cycle

C2000 Device Management Monitors the station function list

1.Equipment management

1) Search and configure device parameters

2) IO Equipment testing

3) Configure the device to collect clocks through the server

2. Alarm management

1) # Configure device-based collaboration

2) Configure the device alarm prompt mode (voice and text support)

3) # Configure device-defined alarms

3. digital map

Can customize the electronic map (through the graphical way to visually display the state of the device point)

4. Report Management

1) The alarm information of the device is retrieved by device point, alarm type, alarm condition, and time.

2) Through the equipment point, the time way to retrieve the equipment point of the situation, and form a report

3) Through the equipment operation, the equipment group operation, other operation way searches the personnel server the record, forms the report form (The report can be exported as Excle format).

5. authority management

1) The login user is divided into the administrator group and the operator group

A. The administrator group can add and remove devices, add delete operators

B. The operator group can monitor the equipment, confirm the alarm information and other software operations

2) A function can be defined by the software lock for each module of the operator

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