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Security Gate Station Security Factory Security Security Gate Bar Exhibition Control Tool Detector Metal Detection Door

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Shen exploration
  • Model: BT-9800A

good news:

The cat security check mall security doors for sale, the security doors are sold for three years, the UNPROFOR to buy a handheld security stick, 400-611-8359

Thanksgiving back buyers a variety of needs:

First, the overall defense area of ​​1950 yuan, excluding shipping.

Two, four defense area 2200 yuan, Shipping is not included.

Three, six zones without column lights 2580 yuan, Shipping is not included.

four, Six zone with column lights 2980 yuan, Shipping is not included.

Five, eight defense zone With column lights 3980 yuan, Shipping is not included.

Six, eighteen zones band Column lights 8980 yuan, Shipping is not included.

Seven, thirty-eight zone band Column lights 28,980 yuan, Shipping is not included.


1. Zone is the security door when people pass from the feet and legs, waist, chest, shoulders, head to the human body divided into different zones, which parts of the metal contraband, then the corresponding zone alarm.

2. No benefit during the promotion, the need to issue general tax and value-added tax invoices, please contact customer service consulting.