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Yaohua weighbridge | electronic platform scales 0-3 tons 2T | platform platform scales | floor scales slope |

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Yaohua
  • Series: 5MM weighbridge
  • Model: A27
  • Color Classification: 1.2X1.5 meters 0-5 tons 0.8X0.8 meters 0-5 tons 1X1 meters 0-5 tons 1.2X1.2 meters 0-5 tons 1.5X1.5 meters 0-5 tons 1.5X2 meters 0- 5 tons 1.5X3 meters 0-5 tons 2X4 meters 0-5 tons (custom) 2X2 meters 0-5 tons 2X3 meters 0-5 tons 1 * 1.2 0-5 tons 2X3.5 meters 0-5 tons (custom)

This section of the table thickness of 5mm, such as the thickness of 8mm, click below:

Logistics are to the city from the mention, if there is a need to the county or to the township, we must keep in touch with customer service, and communication is good.
You will choose the pro-pounds to you?
Refused to low-cost, focus on quality
Why choose us?
1 machine welding
Many small factories are hand soldering welding, easy to fall off, easy to rust, short life, our company is fully automatic machine welding.
2 Sealing rodent structure
Our scale body is fully sealed rodent structure to prevent the inside of the signal line was rat snapping. Do not know the pro before there have been encountered inside the signal line was rat snapping situation? (Note: not all are Rat Ratty structure of the scale body, if necessary, please be sure to contact customer service)

3 using high-precision sensors
We are a day cat shop, we pay more attention to customer experience and quality, our sensors are used in the market a good sensor. Brand sensors, a sensor must be worth tens to hundreds of last year we sold more than 2000 Loadometer (a loadometer four sensors) more than 10,000 sensors only one bad so our quality is very good if the pro-sensor is broken you can contact us after-sales we will promptly send you the sensor in the past
4 large weight debugging
Each of our products are manufactured with large-scale weight debugging, very accurate
5 spray paint
Our paint is sprayed on the market a lot of low-cost loadometer are spray paint or paint easy to fall off easily lead to weighing.

6 All our scales have error messages
The code on the display we can determine where it is broken, which accessories are broken, we send you to send your replacement parts on it.With the pro-worry-free after-sales plus three-year warranty, quality assurance.
Recently, some online businesses to attract low-cost customers, set the high price of paralysis of the eyes of consumers, the transaction price but higher than we, pro can see clearly in the next single Oh