Rainbow Hand Po charging warm baby Hand Warmer | Electric heater explosion-proof electric mini dry soup cake Old Woman

Rainbow Hand Po charging warm baby Hand Warmer | Electric heater explosion-proof electric mini dry soup cake Old Woman

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Rainbow life
  • Model: TB21
  • Color Classification: Small 10cm Medium 15cm diameter 20cm diameter large diameter
  • Material: iron

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Choose a variety of styles, 5-10 minute rapid heating, continuous heat for 3-4 hours, more humane.
[Trumpet] Hand cake TB21 diameter 10cm, Maijiu rainbow insulated bag.

[Trumpet] Hand cake TB22 diameter 15cm, Maijiu rainbow insulated bag.
[Trumpet] Hand cake TB23 diameter 20cm, Maijiu rainbow insulated bag.

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