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Antelope good morning | Korean pure color wild scarf cute beaded knitting wool autumn and winter warm scarf female

Antelope good morning | Korean pure color wild scarf cute beaded knitting wool autumn and winter warm scarf female
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Sold quantity 3078
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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • material: Wool
  • Shape: rectangular
  • Applicable season: spring and autumn
  • Gender: Female
  • Color classification: army green small incense - mint blue chocolate color orange small incense - soot light green light yellow deep khaki color dark gray deep purple small incense - blue small incense - beige small incense - pink small incense - rose red purple - red green color blue brown transparent small incense - jujube yellow small incense - black
  • Scarf Brand: Antelope Good Morning
  • Item No .: LY939
  • Style: scarf / scarf
  • function: to keep warm
  • Applicants: students young and middle-aged
  • Style: Korean
  • Clothing style details: Dingzhu
  • pattern: plain
  • Ingredients: 96% or more

fabric composition: Acrylic >
Process: Twill / bead >
Counter price: -- >
Product Number: >
product name: Small incense >
Size: 200cm * 65cm (± 5cm with 穂) >
Weight: 250 (± 5g without bag) >
Packing: Transparent pp bag >
Colour: 8 color into >
Washing instructions: It is recommended to use neutral or weak acid detergent hand wash (such as shampoo, shower gel, etc.), not alkaline detergents (such as washing powder, soap, etc.), in order to good maintenance, so that the product bright and bright, extended service life The >
Tips: Manual measurement, please take into account the error of about 1-5 cm >

Little fragrance - pink

Small incense - jujube

Small incense - mint blue

Small incense - black

Small incense - red

Small incense - white

Little fragrance - pink

'Design highlights: hand Dingzhu, small incense aristocratic wind'

Ice cream color, pearl, or a small area of ​​embellished lace, gently point out,

Not exaggerated, do not force, so that the overall feeling showing a sweet but not greasy little warm feeling.

This scarf in some design concept is also adhering to this point,

Hand-pinned beads, pearl moist, full, to rivets the way to nail, more solid,

Do not worry about a ball will be accidentally scrape off, the good will always be accompanied.

It's all coming from all the hard-won. Design, play these and do not talk about,

Just scarf nails on these pearls, we have also picked a dozen quality,

As this, the import of pearls, smooth, translucent, glowing natural luster,

The kind will be more than the picture of the United States, get your hands will be the same as I like.

Small incense - beige

Very wild pure color models, and very thick, free to encircle a few laps, will be able to wrap their own winter when tightly,

You will find that this scarf will be very up with Han Fan children, and then you are right.

This batch of products is synchronized to sell to South Korea outside the single, the quality is naturally clank

Taobao will find a lot of such purchasing money, in fact, mostly made in china,

Go abroad to turn the circle, and then was brought back, the price will rise to three digits.

And antelope good morning, eliminating the need for these cumbersome process, give you steaming new, very high cost.

'Fabric technology: twill process, high-quality warm fabric'

Imitation cashmere material has always been popular in the winter, it may not have wool, cashmere as precious,

But has its own personality: warm, simple.

In the process, the antelope morning and the cooperation of the factory's mind,

That is to be the scarf fabric touch, skin-friendly to do comfort, so that warm and comfort coexist,

So, there will be this soft, warm and warm texture of the fabric, warm and good.

In the fabric weaving, antelope selection process complex twill process,

Fabric yarn density, feel tight and flexible, durable, warm will always be in.

Small incense - red

Small incense - rose red

Small incense - blue

Small incense - black

Small incense - mint blue

Small incense - jujube

Small incense - soot