Jia get along | LPG heaters | gas heaters Gas heaters | home heaters outdoors

Jia get along | LPG heaters | gas heaters Gas heaters | home heaters outdoors

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ulecamp/au Lac friends
  • Item code: HSS-A (GH) (SS)
  • Origin: China
  • Hanging price: 1520.00
  • Color category: Jinhua Golden pipeline natural gas stainless steel gas tank of liquefied gas LPG gas tank stainless steel gas pipeline
  • Time to market: the summer of 2016

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Five reasons to choose gardensun brand products

1. the gardensun group umbrella heater exports more than more than 60 countries and regions worldwide (2012 global output to about 360,000 units), gas heater benchmarks, leading the industry, warmer world. Passed CE, CSA, AGA, ISO9001 management system certification. Quality assurance.

2. the heater burner quality much better than cow branded goods, price high quality is also much better.

3. the gardensun heater using color reinforced cartons, reflective pieces by fragment design, as much as possible to avoid damage in shipping.

4. the gardensun Group authorized to direct sales, free maintenance for two years.

5. the gardensun group Changzhou Direct shipping, fast and good customer service

For hotels, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, patios, gardens, pedestrian street, stop, sport halls, malls, large conference rooms, car showrooms, bath Center, shop, restaurant, garden villas and outdoor leisure well-ventilated place, why indoor application area50-120Square meters, the area of warming more slowly.