YIBOYUAN universal charger | Universal Battery Charger | Intelligent Universal Charger | Multifunctional mobile phone charger

YIBOYUAN universal charger | Universal Battery Charger | Intelligent Universal Charger | Multifunctional mobile phone charger

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: YIBOYUAN
  • YIBOYUAN Model: AC-08
  • Color classification: long section of the sliding universal charge (4.2-7.0cm) to send data lines are short paragraph skid universal charge (3.2-6.6cm) to send the data line
  • Applicable phone models: Samsung / Samsung
  • Samsung Model: SM- G9008V
  • Charger for form: universal charge
  • Whether the original: Brand Compatible

One Boyuan One product charge
It has passed a rigorous certification mandatory 3C charging safer

Our lifetime warranty details:

>> 1: from the date of receipt, within fifteen days there are quality problems package returned, return postage We are responsible!
2: Try fifteen days after receipt, quality problems within a month package returned, postage each pay half!
3: A month later, the pro can only pay the return postage free replacement of a new baby, we lifetime warranty!
(We count down to the pro, a year or a few years later, the cradle of quality problems, the pro-baby sent to us by regular mail, regular mail sent to our side of the country are generally $ 5 Oh, combined with our here's hair past express postage 6 yuan, which means that only 11 yuan parent can change a new universal charge slightly! such a lifetime warranty where to find ah)

Product Description:

A.Plug in the battery and when fully charged the indicator show what color?

>> Universal charge is only connected to the battery power is not connected display blue After plugged in to chargered After a fullblue;

B.Will can not support both ends of the phone and battery charging it together?

>> Universal charger comes with a USB port, can simultaneously support both ends of the phone together battery charging oh;

C.This universal rechargeable battery terminal voltage and output current is how much?

﹥﹥Pro, battery terminal output current 600MA, the output voltage of 4.35V, particularly suitable for the current market, large-screen mobile phone battery charging oh;

D. As the only universal chargecharger when using it, How LEDs show?

>> As a single charging head, the indicator only full presentation blue Oh, it will automatically power off when full, the pro can rest assured.

E: The universal charge for what kind of battery it?

﹥﹥Pro, for Battery 3.2-6.6CM width of the range of mobile phone batteries, oh, but not for the camera battery, specifically consult our online customer service.