YIBOYUAN Universal Charger | Universal Battery Charger | Smart Universal Charger | Multi-functional Mobile Phone Charger

YIBOYUAN Universal Charger | Universal Battery Charger | Smart Universal Charger | Multi-functional Mobile Phone Charger

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: YIBOYUAN
  • YIBOYUAN Model: AC-08
  • Procurement: Mainland China
  • (4.2-7.0cm) Yi Bo source of a short section of the skid universal charge (3.2-6.6cm)
  • Applicable mobile phone models: Samsung / Samsung
  • Samsung model: SM-G9008V
  • Charger for the form: universal charge
  • Whether the original: brand compatible

One Bo source One product charge
Has passed strict 3C compulsory certification charging more secure

Our lifetime warranty details:

>> 1: Since the receipt date, fifteen days of quality problems, package returned, return postage we are responsible for!
2: 15 days after the signing of a trial, a month of quality problems package returned, postage, pay half!
3: a month later, the pro-pay only return postage can be replaced free of charge a new baby, we lifetime warranty!
(We come to the pro-operator, a year or even years later, the seat filled with quality problems, and pro-baby sent us by surface, surface mail to our side are generally 5 yuan Oh, plus we Side of the hair past the express postage 6 yuan, that is only 11 yuan parents can change a new universal charge slightly! This lifetime warranty where to find ah)

Product Description:

A.Plug in the battery charge and full light when the show what color?

>> Universal charge only connected to the battery is not connected to the power display blue , Connected to the power supply after chargingred , Filled with afterblue;

B.Will not be able to support mobile phone and battery-side charge it?

>> universal charge with USB port, you can also support the battery at both ends of the battery charge with Oh;

C.This universal battery-side output voltage and current for how much?

﹥﹥Pro, the battery-side output current of 600MA, the output voltage of 4.35V, especially for the current market, large-screen mobile phone battery charging Oh;

D. the universal charge only ascharger when using it, How does the indicator light appear?

>> As a single charge head, the light shows only the whole process blue Oh, but when full of automatic power, the pro can be assured.

E: This universal charge for what kind of battery it?

﹥﹥Pro, suitable Battery width of 3.2-6.6CM cell phone battery Oh, but not suitable for camera batteries, the specific can consult our online customer service.