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Oumei apple watch strap apple watch sports strap iwatch2 protective case silicone strap male

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: OUMEI
  • Model: apple watch sports strap
  • 38mm midnight blue - two sets of 38mm lavender purple - two sets of 38mm black - two-piece set of 38mm red - two-piece set (two-piece set of 38mm) Two-piece set 38mm white - two-piece set 38mm antique white - two-piece set 38mm pink - two-piece set 38mm blue - two-piece set 38mm green - two-piece set 38mm green - Two-piece set 42mm Midnight Blue - Two-piece set 42mm Lavender Purple - Two-piece set 42mm Black - Two-piece set 42mm Red - Two-piece set 42mm Retro roses - Two-piece set 42mm White - Two-piece set 42mm Antique White - Two pieces Set 42mm pink - two-piece set 42mm blue - two-piece set 42mm sapphire green - two-piece set 42mm green - two-piece set

Official with the use of imported silicone material texture, Do not touch the ash does not fade easily wash the texture soft Collection to receive 3 yuan coupons

The top 500 purchase, Presented a thin film + silicon steel sleeve , A limited number of early morning to buy to make!

'instruction manual'This page is the price for the sale of a separate strap, not including the dial;

Strap 38mm with 42mm dial for the two specifications. If not, please contact customer service