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Invisible with hair hoop Qi Liu oblique Liu wig wig | real hair

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Charm silk Dai Daizhen hair stealth hair bandage wig ...
  • Brand: Charm silk Dai children
  • Wigs single product: real hair cloak hair wigs bangs
  • Dark brown invisible Qi Liu: light brown invisible oblique Liu: natural black invisible oblique Liu: dark brown invisible oblique Liu: light brown invisible with sideburns Qi Liu: natural black invisible with sideburns (Figure) Liu: natural black stealth oblique bangs: natural dark invisible Qi Liu: Qi Liu: dark brown invisible with sideburns Qi Liu: light brown hair hoop Qi Liu: natural black hair hoop Qi Liu: dark brown hair hoop Qi Liu: light brown
  • Wigs bangs Categories: may be inclined to bangs
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Efficacy: to protect their own hair
  • Cosmetics features: repair face lovely