Man Lin Ge single quilt bed single 1.5 m 1.8m student summer cotton quilt cotton quilt single or double

Man Lin Ge single quilt bed single 1.5 m 1.8m student summer cotton quilt cotton quilt single or double

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • 100% cotton: The Inside material component
  • Quilt Material Composition: 100% Cotton
  • Patterns:
  • Size: Cotton Quilt: 160x210cm (adapted by the core 150 × 200cm) Cotton Quilt: 180x220cm cotton quilt: 200X230cm cotton quilt: 220x240cm
  • Product Number: mlg112
  • Color Classification: Orchid - Lan Lan Xin - Grey Butterfly Fantasy - Pink Annecy First time last night and stars makeup flower - blue night stars still style look - Lannuo Wei bloom Nordic style fleeting years of quiet good warm fragrant flowers still love - powder Huaman Yuan Mo grid tranquil quiet time Thea floral colorful world of champagne roses butterfly elegant small fresh fragrant ink stained dust - blue Highlights
  • Product Grade: Qualified
  • EAN Code: 6927668310026
  • Brand: Man Lynn Court
  • Style: Pastoral

[Cotton ensure a penalty at ten]

A friend recently said that this reflects the feeling is not cotton feels, marketing and design department special request to make it clear here:

Why fabric feels slippery?

This quilt uses advanced Jet Fixing This higher color fastness, not easy to fade, the formation of a Feature is before unwashed fabric feels slippery This is different from the general printing of test methods.

Man Lin Ge all here to assure you, This series are quilt 100%High density cotton cloth, not mixed with any ingredient, fake a penalty ten!

At the same time invites interested pro trial, if in doubt can also consult online customer service or Baidu cotton detection method, we sincerely accept your feedback, I hope you do not feel or experience with cotton is not easy to determine.

Meet rare, difficult to evaluate and comment and treasure!

This paragraph cotton quilt of medium thickness, than the average cotton cotton 128 * 68 should be thick, but please do not take this article and sanding, the old coarse than the thickness of yarn is not the same, are not comparable!

note: Cotton bedding a 3% -4% of normal shrinkage, single quilt earmarked 10cm in size, making 150 * 200cm single quilt, actual shipment size 160 * 210cm, other specifications of the quilt, no reserve, quilts generally not affect the use, if it is Made quilt, Or have questions or are not sure of the size of the pro-be sure to contact customer service in advance, to avoid unnecessary trouble to bring you!

another: Washed bedding used can not handle returned!

special reminder: Small fresh blue, pink and small fresh dawn bathed three colors: 220 * 240cm quilt sizes increase, If you shop in accordance with the image pattern direction, a width of 240 cm is a quilt, the quilt is 220 cm length!! Pro unclear advance Consultation Service!