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'Read' 50% Peruvian young horse hair fine thread | fine wool mohair wool | fine wool |

'Read' 50% Peruvian young horse hair fine thread | fine wool mohair wool | fine wool |
Product code: 44390700030
Unit price 3.04$
Sold quantity 7142
Available stock 530

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Fall 2014
  • Brand: LOVEYARN / regression line
  • Whether the mall with the money: No
  • Wool Material: mohair
  • Item No .: LYW-14016
  • Color classification: LYW-14016-05 latte LYW-14016-05 wine red
  • Pricing unit: yuan / group
  • Wool thickness: in fine wool


As long as non-stop walking

The better will slowly flow into

Exquisite quiet intention

A simple manual

Do not talk about spring snow

People from the complex and restless

Also remember that they only want to do

Use the word gentle and elegant

Perhaps not enough to describe the delicate lines

On another premise

So feel and heart can be synchronized

A little change will make people obsessed with it

Season of the plot

Can be seen want to have the mood

You will find it

Scarf with line Color: mohair castle Blue: 6 Mission; linen line Dai-lan: 6 groups;

Shawl with line Color: cheese; Dosage: 10 groups;

Coat: Sambucus 2 groups

1, chromatic aberration problem: due to camera equipment, light, angle, the display shows different reasons, you see on the computer product photos and physical may be a slight color difference, the actual color of the goods you receive the goods quasi.
2, on the replenishment problem: due to wool dyeing process problems, even if the same product with the color of the same number of wool in the cylinder out of the color of the cylinder will have nuances, so weaving beginners if you find the purchase of yarn is not enough, Anti-sold out the same batch of goods, there color deviation, the old weavers are aware of the ... ...
3, on the courier issue: OUR default STO, for other courier, please contact customer service, to determine the postage, if not express in remote areas, please note or contact customer service EMS or surface mail to avoid inconvenience to both sides, thank you understand!
4, on the connector: ultra-fine line 50g line length of about 350-400 meters, the length of the connector 2-5; in the fine line 50g line length of about 150-250 meters, the length of the connector 2-3, belong to the normal situation rather than the quality problem.