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Children's thermal underwear set Cotton high-necked middle-sized boys and girls Qiuyi Qiu pants baby pajamas cotton sweaters

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Product parameters:

  • Year of release Season: Fall, 2016
  • Brand: M Qi Seoul
  • Safety Class: Class B
  • Material Composition: Cotton 100%
  • Color Classification: low collar low-necked collar low-necked rose red low-necked collar low-necked collar gray collar low collar high collar gray collar high collar green collar high blue collar high-necked collar pink high collar purple hemp gray lattice wheat Griddle Beard Rose KITT Cats Pink Girl Violet Bear Cuban Navy Gray Hex Violet Star Blue Apple
  • Item No .: 0128
  • Reference Height: Recommended height 90-100 Recommended height 100-110 Suggested height 110-120 Suggested height 120-130 Suggested height 130-140 Suggested height 140-150 Suggested height 150-155 Suggested height 155 ~ 160 Suggested height 160 ~ 165
  • Underwear texture: cotton (cotton content of 100%)
  • For the season: Spring and Autumn
  • Function: Warm moisture sweat anti-static anti-bacterial anti-radiation anti-ultraviolet anti-infrared deodorant moisture perspiration burn fat home
  • Applicable Gender: Neutral
  • Underwear For ages: 11-13 years of age 13 years of age 3-5 years of age 5-7 years of age 7-9 years of age 9-11 years of age