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Straight long standby button elderly Mobile phone charging treasure large font large sound quality military Land Rover

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Jin Branch
  • Model: V611D
  • Color Classification: Black + 4G memory card black + 8G memory card

QQ function can only be used to move or Unicom's 2G traffic, you need to install the memory card to use only chat, you can not send and receive picture not enter space.


* Size: 132.5X51.8X25.6mm

* Big Brother Big brother domineering personality and generous

* Big horn big sound, a large battery 4500 mA long standby 50 days!

* Suitable for noisy Work environment, landline shops, large fonts, big buttons!

* Camera, dual card dual standby mobile Unicom also used, Caller ID voice reporting!

* Button voice dialing, QQ, MP3MP4 listen to songs, radio!

* E-books, alarm clock, calendar, calculator, phone book blacklist!

* Charging treasure features require urgent help other cell phone charger, Switcher, you can store 300 phone numbers!

Note: This machine is a dual card dual standby Mobile and China Unicom at the same time use, do not support Telecom.

Official standard: Host + battery (4500 mA) + headphones + cable + charge head + manual warranty card