Genuine first layer of skin | hypoallergenic Ms. leather belt Women pin buckle belt Korean fashion pure leather belt

Genuine first layer of skin | hypoallergenic Ms. leather belt Women pin buckle belt Korean fashion pure leather belt

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2015
  • Width: 3.3cm
  • Brand: IXZAKKA
  • Style: Belt
  • Material: first layer of leather
  • Material technology: Embossing
  • With the body element: ginning sculpture
  • Belt buckle style: Buckle
  • Buckle Material: Alloy
  • Popular elements: leather decoration
  • Style: Elegant
  • Length: lap
  • Applicable Gender: Female
  • Color Classification: Light brown embossed narrow version, please note the bandwidth 2.8cm wide waist dark brown lizard grain version, please note the waist narrow bandwidth of 3.3cm Dark embossed version, please note the bandwidth 2.8cm wide waist dark brown embossed version, please note the bandwidth of 3.3cm waist wide-bandwidth light brown embossed 3.3cm please note the waist
  • Product Number: w1001

Yield Article Ginseng number Product Parameter
Brand: IXZAKKA Style: Ms. Belt
Grade: Eligible Products Model: W1001
Buckle Material: alloy
Buckle Size:

Wide Buckle: width 6.8cm, 6.8cm long

Version narrow discount: width 5.6cm, 5.6cm long

Take the body material:

Imported first layer of leather (Made in Italy)

See page below the Certificate of Origin

With body size:

Wide Bandwidth 3.3cm, length 90-125cm

Narrow section of bandwidth 2.8cm, length 95-120cm

(Note the pro-recall waist Kazakhstan)

Colour: Dark brown, light brown
Packing: Tags, labels, woven bags, handbags complete
Standard: QB / T1618-2006
Description: page price (279 yuan) price tag-based commodities
Provide services: Free to write greeting cards, complimentary hole punch, tape.
The above data from the manual measurement, there is a small amount of error is a normal phenomenon.
Please parents who pay in the film Notes on your waistline, we provide reference for your waistline at the time of shipment to 'complementarity' principle of choosing the right belt.

Size Chart:

Pants code 25-26 27-28 29-30 31-32 33-34 35-37 38-40
Waistline 1 foot 8-1 feet 9 2 feet -2 feet 1 2 feet 2-2 feet 3 2 feet 4-2 feet 5 2 feet 6-2 feet 7 2 feet 8-3 feet 3 feet 1-3 feet 3
Correspondence cm 60-63 66-70 73-77 80-83 87-90 93-100 103-110
Desired belt size 91-96 100-108 104-112 108-115 110-118 115-122 120-128

paste heart mention Show Tip

Please pro-sum option in the film 'Message to the seller' Notes on your waistline, we will be 'complementarity' principle selected for you the belt at the same time each ID delivery of a hole punch and tape, you can use your own the need to refer to the illustration below, be DIY modifications.
Customer delivery requirements before you change the requirements or short perforated pro, be sure to inform the number of specific lengths and drilling.
Belt punch to change the short or after the rebate does not change, please be kept informed.

Belt is too long?
No need to worry!

Easy to change short!
Follow these steps:
Tools used:
1. Screwdriver
2. Punchers (with gift wrap)
3. Scissors
4. Hammer

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Tips: Crust recent good too nervous.

We insist on each belt are a selection of imported yellow leather,

Selected cattle back skin, and even fewer.

Recent batches of skin embryo through customs, finally shipping.

I like to start as soon as Oh ~

Wide belt body width 3.3 cm, Narrow version with body width 2.8 cm.

The following image is embossed with the body (the color: light brown, dark brown)

Minpi buckle against excessive personal and intimate

The following picture lizard pattern with body

fine Festival exhibition Show Details Show

Fine embossing

Hypoallergenic buckle

Thickened screw

Hand Brush

mold special exhibition Show Model Show

material quality Minute Analyze Material Analysis

Cowhide leather one, since a natural attribute difficult to replicate, there is a natural part of the leather will scar marks and blood tendons, is a normal phenomenon, please understand perfectionist Kazakhstan part leather back there cattle numbers mark .

In the selection of our particularly hard leather, all with leather belts, all selected first layer of leather, only to meet our customers every comfort intimate experience.


material quality Correct ratio The Same Contrast

Split leather belt disadvantages:

Disadvantages 1 .:Layered belt, part broken dander pressed into the middle of cardboard or plastic plate, can be torn by hand along the side.

2 Disadvantages:Split leather belt made of multi-multi-layer composite structure, Surface layer coating layer, airtight, no ductility, not strong. 3-4 months the surface of plastic film will start peeling off, affect the appearance.

Advantages of the first layer of skin belt:
Advantage 1: Imported first layer of leather, leather delicate texture. Pore fine.
Advantage 2: The average thickness of 3.5 mm or more, and are single layer cowhide, non-hierarchical, natural materials, strong and durable service life can be guaranteed for 10 years.
Advantage 3: Gloss will increase wear time becomes more and more attractive, nice.

Quality and commitment: All of our products are made of cowhide, accept any form of third-party quality control, quality assurance for 10 years. 10 years as a broken belt occurs, unconditional full refund.

All the promises, because our own products have full confidence!

Insurance support know knowledge Maintenance Knowledge

TIP1: Regular cleaning and care can prolong the life of leather goods, belts keep dry and ventilated, if wet, you can wipe it with a cotton surface of the water, if the dust with a slightly damp cloth to clean up after a dry cloth.

TIP2: You can select 2-3 spare belt for yourself, not only can be used with different belt according to the different styles of clothing, but also allows the belt to get proper rest and prolong life.

TIP3: Do not place your belt prolonged exposure to sunlight or immersed in water, it will result in belt color distortion.

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