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Beauty wo high-end wig | real hair wig | long | may be oblique bangs | long hair wig

Product code: -44290900030
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Wo Wo SCG003
  • Brand: the United States Wo
  • Wigs single product: SCG003
  • Color Classification: 50cm Chestnut / M Code 30cm Black / M Code Default Medium, Large Size or Small Code Leave Message 60cm Black / M Size 60cm Chestnut / M Size Hand 200 40cm Chestnut / M Size 30cm Chestnut / Medium Code 70cm Chestnut / Medium 70cm Black / Medium 50cm Black / Medium 40cm Black / Medium size
  • Suitable for: fashion women
  • Hair material: real hair
  • Wigs bangs Categories: may be inclined to bangs
  • Wig Hair: long straight hair
  • Style: Other
  • Efficacy: change the hairstyle
  • Cosmetic features: cover white hair