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Rangefinder wheel range wheel mechanical digital hand push electronic measuring tape ruler measuring instruments

Rangefinder wheel range wheel mechanical digital hand push electronic measuring tape ruler measuring instruments
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Puxicoo
  • Model: CJL01
  • Item: CJL01
  • Color classification: mechanical big round classic mechanical large wheel simple mechanical large wheel with a brake vertical pointing machine wheel upgrade number of small round with luminous
  • Decoration and construction content: installation engineering, hydropower engineering, procurement of the main material, woodworking, measurement engineering
  • How it works: Wheel range finder
  • Distance: 10km

PUXICOO PUSCHKET TURKEY 12 months, seven days of any quality problems (except man-made damage) replacement and bear the round-trip freight.

First, the function brief:

CJL01The wheeled range finder is designed and manufactured for outdoor distance measurement and is suitable for a variety of ground conditions, including slopes, meadows, rugged construction sites, etc. Lightweight design makes it easy for field workers to carry, The degree of work fatigue. The product of the measurement range of 0-9999.9 meters, reaching the leading domestic level. Large and clear digital display system to make clear and accurate reading, and the installation of the night display lighting system to facilitate the poor conditions in the light The use of lightweight and flexible; durable, and therefore widely used in professional surveying and mapping operations, road works, pipeline laying works, wire and cable engineering and other construction operations measurement And assessment, landscape and golf course construction measurement, traffic accident distance measurement, and farmland construction management measurement, etc., its easy time and time is more and more advantages of the industry sector found and used.

Second, the main parameters:

Measuring range: 0-9999.9 m Measuring accuracy: ≥ 99%

Wheel diameter: 318 mm wheels turn a circle for 1 meter

Product stretch length: 1050 mm Product after folding length: 560 mm

Product weight: 1.52 kg Package weight: 2.31 kg

Backlight power: two 7 batteries

Third, the use of instructions and diagram:

1, The use of folding handle bar: the handle bar up straight pull up until the upper and lower handle bar can be bent until the handle bar to the upper handle stuck in the counter pallets to reduce the volume to facilitate collection and Handling;

2, the use of reset button: reset button counter-clockwise spin in the end, the counter cleared.

3, The use of measuring steps:

1), First straighten the folding rod, downward adjustment of the folding rod casing, so that the folding rod casing will be the upper and lower handle bar lock and become a straight line state;

2), Stowed support frame;

3), Reset button counterclockwise spin in the end, the counter cleared;

4), The bottom of the wheel alignment measurement starting position, hand-held push

The wheel rotates forward and the counter starts counting up to the end of the lowest measurement of the wheel, reading the counter value.