Men 's socks. UNIQLO

Men 's socks. UNIQLO

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: 2016 spring
  • Even number: 1 pairs
  • Brand: Uniqlo / UNIQLO
  • Style No .: UQ168206000
  • Polyamide fiber (Polyamide) 25% Polyester 4% Polyurethane Elastic fiber (Spandex) 2% Polyamide fiber (Polyester)
  • Sales Channel Type: mall with paragraph (both online and offline sales)
  • Fabric Material Composition: Cotton 41% Polyacrylonitrile fiber 28% Polyamide fiber 25% Polyester 4% Polyurethane Elastic fiber 2%
  • Color Classification: 00 White 03 Gray 09 Black 15 Coral Red 68 Dark Blue 69 Navy
  • Size: 25 ~ 27 cm
  • Applicable Gender: Male

27 yuan
※ The initial listing price refers to the price of the merchandise for the first time when it is sold in the official flagship store of UNIQLO.

The soft, comfortable fleece fabric is made from socks with a soft touch and comfortable look.The stripe pattern of the casual style can also be used as the highlight of the foot after the shoes are removed.With the short design, it is possible to create a dynamic styling in the summer. The public's water absorption, suitable for sports wear.

'Fabric Composition' Overall: Cotton 41% • Acrylic 28% • Polyamide 25% • Polyester 4% • Spandex 2%
'Washing Information' Machine wash

This product does not support 7 days no reason to return, please carefully orders.

'Product size' 25 ~ 27 cm