Wireless Whispering Gallery | Wi-Fi cloud intelligent cinema | wooden fever fidelity wireless audio | Wooden Speaker

Wireless Whispering Gallery | Wi-Fi cloud intelligent cinema | wooden fever fidelity wireless audio | Wooden Speaker

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  • Brand: Bruno
  • Model: SU-1100
  • Product Number: Bruno
  • Color Classification: Guangdong province SF to pay a deposit to be paid

Pro! You still coveted 'big brands' high profits Echo Wall speaker do? Pro! You are ready to buy colorful appearance trend was manufactured using plastic 'stunning thin and light' speaker box? Pro! You also by those false and a wide variety of features, and pretty useless remote control, excess light pollution display deceived by it? parent is not looking at ads saliva flow? are only open to see the baby, and the rest are not spit after the father of the idea that endless pit?

Speaker whispering gallery concept first appeared in 2007, by a French specialist in the field of acoustics research proposed, initially not called whispering gallery, called the Cartesian reflective speaker sound field positioning system, like the principle behind the truck will be reflective of that block red plastic plate, no matter from which angle you go up according to the light will be reflected back, this technology is used in space-constrained, sound source localization can not be determined occasions, compared to the normal 2.1-channel virtual surround sound system ring (multimedia speakers), its acoustic positioning level has been a qualitative breakthrough, but compared to the real hardware implementation by the 5.1 surround system, or the rival, whispering gallery to now, it has been a lot of years, but the technology content and quality has not been a breakthrough. water products to keep up with technology is not, why is that? If red eyes, black heart, and this phrase used to describe the current business is not an exaggeration, packing them in every possible way baby, advertising under the original capital, waste of money to buy the right to use the big brand names, but it is finally pay you, you are spending money bought the sound, they put your money in the flicker on you! we can use the technology home perspective to analyze the Whispering Gallery now most speakers on the market, with the 'more complex your facial features, can not cover up your simple IQ' this sentence to describe more appropriate, however, and a brand value of more than 1,500 took a money, I give you calculate the cost of the highest value of a few things, plastic case does not exceed 10 dollars, a speaker unit a few dollars, dozens of pieces of amplifier board power pack, controls the display component dozens of blocks. the remaining is the brand value, tax, customs duties, profits, few dealers increase, your hand up to the value of 200 things, but you spend more than a thousand! Oh ~ this person not to be a shape, even the headaches are partial now to business! Please do not say to me tomorrow, I live to see that time.

Research store speaker system has been nearly 19 years, from the first paragraph of silver flute 2 dollars a 4-inch full-range speakers have been playing the gentleman Po 9500 system, it is often said that what the speaker is a burn, poor play will suffocate, good play will die poor, I do not think so, it is important to locate the key, the so-called 'speakers fever' that is the poor die also hold immortal play, so you have to follow the master or expert play, big brand is not no expert and experts, but are by money 'buy', the so-called red eye, heart black. for businesses, money is the last word, for you, money is the last word! Blessed are you today pro! store is your side of the people, and the store sign papers to ensure that hate 'little things do not look for me, something not to me' principle, and promise no matter who you are, whether or not our users have insisted on 'something to me, I find nothing good' principle.

Do not make money! I say much nobody believed, Bitter stores also like to say, you pay for! Even stores do not believe you believe it? Earn to earn, otherwise would not be able to give us more classic speakers, but earn little, hungry enough to eat on the line, since the money you have to give people something to do! how good? or at least handmade, at least HIFI listening level, or at least pure high-grade wood materials, at least from the technical parameters and is a true speaker whispering gallery. under the correct leadership of the party, under the supervision of the national names, a people-centered scientific concept of development under the guidance of the stores grand theory as we recommend an unprecedented, no latecomers, earth-shattering, the highest power.... whatever, anyway, is we the people own speakers whispering gallery!!! the shops contrary to previous rules, let us talk about the shortcomings of this speaker! good speaker are handmade, handmade Well! more or less a little glitch, such as veneer has a little scar, such as label of a little crooked, but all possible glitches and will not affect the sound quality! followed wiring, currently on the market selling speaker audio cable reach HIFI requirements, so the number of stores from abroad customized wire processing their own, although looks ugly, but the effect is absolutely first class, and I think these trivial and installed after the invisible stuff should not affect your aesthetic it! Haha

Next, to tell you about this by the Italian joint venture (company and Italian clients) jointly developed by the Wi-Fi Speaker whispering gallery:

1, the price of real: more than 90% of your money money on baby, without any intermediate links, no advertising fees, agency fees, the dealer markup, etc., make such a speaker is 90% more than the cost price of even if you buy one hundred units, lower prices will not go! Tell the truth, after all, people have to eat right.

2, every penny is spent wisely: in the choice of material, are absolutely genuine original store cost-effective use of raw materials, not freeloaders or use flashy expensive raw materials.

3, realistic remedy: stores strongly recommend pro patience to read this speaker is the speaker is not a toy, not a TV, not a decoration, not antiques, good voice is the last word, so the design, with particular emphasis on simple appearance French friends! and the actual sound, abandoned about function, such as remote control, Bluetooth, digital optical, gorgeous appearance, SD card radio, brilliant displays, software, sound, etc., because the remote control, audio software is superfluous, because you home TV, DVD, etc., already have this, plus it's like a waste of Bluetooth, SD card digital fiber optic digital sources are talking about in the end, this does not explain, I want to kiss do not want to listen to digital music! radio Well parents who know everything, as the display and audio software, a light pollution is watching television when the optic nerve is not good, the second is to listen to what is not to look at, to see what is television, no matter how good the TV screen display US right, this thing can only fool software sound layman.

4, vibration unit: treble with the two US imported MK2 inch silk film NdFeB magnetic ferrofluid cooling radiator tweeter plus high prices sound good, treble caps 27KHZ, can drive the bats and mosquitoes in cattle it!? sound unprecedented! with Swiss VIFA import 3-inch diaphragm wool large voice coil large magnet magnetically shielded full-range speakers plus the human voice very sinister! ~ pro can audition Audiophile years relatives are like bass, the elderly are hard of hearing like to listen to the treble, but I dare say that no matter who you are will be very much like the R200 life. woofer is a classic, custom south whale factories export products, the price of a single woofer batch to 160 yuan, 200W without distortion power for themselves.

5, the resonance box: the speaker, the wood can only say that is a starting point, can be regarded as wooden speaker, plastic, metal, and at best can only be regarded as the speaker put the box inside the wood, the same design, sheet quality and packing method directly determines the speaker parameters, and technology division level directly determines the value of the speaker, our assembly process has been our most proud of is that we will never be disclosed to anyone of technology secret pro just listen on the line, do not go demolished and you do not understand, this resonator technology is not our own development, but French friends from the French research institute sonar bought, whether the structure of science? we official data tell you to come up with words!

6, HI-END level amplifier components: Everyone knows that four sub amplifiers, tube amp, stone, stones mixed digital presence there exists the truth, so that it has its own advantages, our amplifier module is an alternative. hybrid digital subsequent stage, an analog front-end circuit combination. retains the advantages of high-quality, high efficiency, high reliability, high-fidelity, high impact resistance, high dynamic performance! measured data can compete with foreign brands of 10,000 yuan parametric, which is evidence of our 'to spend wisely' philosophy.

7, intelligent gain protection, control system: it is like to wear body armor fragile circuit boards, computer fitted to a strong anti-virus defense software, very important to be able to protect the entire full-speaker circuit system is secure, easy to resist voltage instability, thunder, man can not enter too large to control the damage. such design avoids the high failure rates of electronic products, a few days on the bad question, this is the real gold armor, others whispering gallery on the market speaker Yigai not!