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ACRONO outdoor camping survival whistle 7 in 1 Multifunction | compass | Compass | thermometer | led lights

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  • Brand: ACRONO
  • Item No: YY8011
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 16
  • Color Classification: Army Green
  • Time to market: Spring 2014

Material: ABS high strength anti-throw high temperature engineering materials Function:
1, Standard Army regulations to survive high-decibel whistle
(Within the sound warehouse patented design makes more harsh whistle farther)

2, refers to the North (South) pin (Highly accurate, clear at a glance)

3, high precision thermometer (Faster and more accurately the first time to grasp the current temperature)

4, reflective signal mirror survival (Use of sunlight reflection principle forward to search for rescue personnel to explain their current position in which)

5, fire magnifying glass

6, high white LED flashlight (Lighting system in the light field is no premise for emergency use, LED lamp life of 10,000 hours)

7, sealed warehouse (Can be placed inside their own life-saving strip before traveling: write your name, address, telephone number, blood type and other rescue personnel in order for your case to grasp the first time)

8, nylon lanyard (Carry more convenient)

Size: Length 9 .5 C M diameter 2 .8 C M

Color: Army Green

Battery Replacement: things apart and look inside the middle part of the mirror is behind the LED lights, there is a screw that is to change the button battery place.

About Survival whistle of Use

Survival whistle not necessarily in distress, when available, for example, to say hello to the front of the back, probably to determine how far separated, and the other to determine the direction in which the sound source is probably so much more..... But what that there is a problem that sometimes rise when climbing just under the whistle blowing, blowing more, I also did not feel anything, did not want to hear someone blow blew himself go its own, then who once twisted feet, or where the need for help, or pulled away in the middle of the intersection encountered new donkey does not know how to go, blow the whistle when no response is very anxious thing, because other people thought something had happened that he was busy quietly hard pull mill, there is not much time to go to Dali, and like wolf story.

Symbol Description: ● short sound (one second); ■■■ long tone (more than 3 seconds); in the instruction whistle interval of 2 to 3 seconds, the interval between the command 30 seconds or more (such as repeatedly sending commands need at least 30 seconds )

Communication (T): ■■■ (one long tone) for voice communications team contacted to determine the orientation of whistle each other, receive instruction issued on behalf of the whistle after receiving instruction (with the propaganda fed ~~~ ~ ~ similar)

Set (U): ● ● ■■■ (two short one long) in the direction of the whistle collection (with a collection of propaganda friends ~ ~ ~ ~ similar)

Forward (V): ● issued when ■■■ (one long, one short) departure lounge behalf of the team, issued on behalf of the traveling acceleration forward (with propaganda Charge ~ ~ ~ ~ similar)

Former team waiting (W): ● ■■■ ■■■ (two long, one short) for teams traveling long distance is required before the team wait for the team (with propaganda Please wait ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ and other similar)

Request support (S): ● ● ● (three short) when faced with difficulties to seek help issued by the received signal to the communication tone (T) said it would reply to the support (with similar propaganda anxious ME!!!)

SOS (SOS): ● ● ● ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ● ● ● (three short three long three short) which is the international SOS code, please memorize