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'Official authentic' papago Paogua 530G / 560 dedicated buck line micro usb interface

'Official authentic' papago Paogua 530G / 560 dedicated buck line micro usb interface
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Product parameters:

  • Color classification: micro usb
  • Car Cigarette Lighter Category: Others
  • Brand: PAPAGO!
  • Model: GOsafe 530G


Only in the shop to buy traffic recorder customer orders, buck line 3 months warranty, the two sides pay the freight after sale;

If not in the shop to buy traffic recorder, direct purchase of buck line, I have the right not to ship the Secretary, as a result of improper installation or use Damage to the recorder, I Division does not assume any responsibility, and not to provide any after-sales service line, please know.

Which is micro usb interface, only supports PAPAGO micro usb interface models, other models do not shoot, thank you.

Buck line installation for reference:

Parking monitoring line: mainly connected to the car insurance box long power, after the car stall can continue to have a motion detection function (this feature must be open) recorder power supply to ensure that the recorder can 24-hour parking monitoring.

Using the car battery power, parking line with low voltage protection, when the car starts after the voltage below 12V will automatically cut off the power supply to the recorder, not the deficit of the car battery; but the battery power is limited, the car there are other The device in the micro-consumption of the battery power, it is recommended not to drive more than 2 days of customers, please take the recording instrument that side of the power interface unplugged to ensure that the car a few days after the normal start!

Need to install professionals, or in the shop to buy installation services.

If you need 24-hour monitoring, please install the master and asked to access the fuse box long power (usually connected to a long light); if you do not need 24-hour monitoring, and master said the requirements of access to insurance box ACC (car flame will Flameout, do not take up the cigarette lighter interface).

Because the level of the installation point of the master point of the installation point of the problem, it is recommended that the master of the installation if the what is not clear, do not understand, please contact our technical staff to provide technical support and timely resolution of the problem.We are contracted to install network, Will be real-time monitoring, if there are disguised charges or jerry-building, please contact the phone or Want Want us, we will be the first time for you to solve.