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Korean version of the hair hair ornaments headband headband handmade jewelry beaded female fashion fine hair bands

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Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Summer 2015
  • Hair accessories Category: Hair bands
  • Whether the mall with the money: No
  • Color Classification: black diamond champagne rhinestone pink rhinestone purple diamond jewel blue 'model models'
  • Material: alloy / silver / gold-plated
  • Brand: decorated good
  • Condition: New
  • Price range: 1.00-9.99 yuan
  • Mosaic material: other
  • New strange: fresh baked
  • Item No .: T001
  • Style: Business / OL

The silhouette of the hollow hair is exquisite and full of feminine romance, the diamond elements are brightly decorated, the craftsmanship and fashionable and graceful design make the charming charm bloom in the hair of every beauty-loving woman.

Navy blue is a kind of blue in the chromatography can be pure blue
The color is very pure with pearl luster
Therefore, a kind of pearlescent color is cool
More simply, is the 'Pepsi' on the color
In recent years, a lot of makeup and costumes have joined the sapphire blue element

Navy blue, also known as sapphire blue
Legend of the goddess of hope that the prototype is a blue gem
Therefore, the sapphire blue also represents the hope
Navy blue and purple as a noble feeling
Therefore, the navy blue in the blue among the nobility
The sapphire blue is English

Sapphire applications in the entertainment industry is as
South Korea SuperJunior combination should help color
The combination of fans have a blue fairy known

Sapphire in the sports sector also loved by all teams
Many teams will be applied to the ball blue navy
We can see the sapphire blue is being more and more people's favor