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'Limit challenge' with the 1080P HD video smart sunglasses camera outdoor riding self-timer

'Limit challenge' with the 1080P HD video smart sunglasses camera outdoor riding self-timer
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Product parameters:

  • Compatible platform: ANDROID MIUI iOS Baidu cloud OS Alibaba cloud OS
  • Brand: PBOOK
  • Model: "extreme challenge" special for
  • Color classification: 'spot' official standard - send custom myopic frame + satchel + 32G memory card - Shun Feng 包邮 glasses accessories: myopia glasses a box

"Limit Challenges "2015.06.14 the first phase of the shop for the glasses with the whole film, interested friends can copy the following link to the browser to watch the entire program:


'Extreme challenge' for smart video glasses, exquisite, light appearance, attached to the machine with four sets of different color lenses. With remote remote control, more convenient remote control. Machine built-in wifi technology Support apples No jailbreak ), Andrews phone remote real-time view of the video screen (APP download: Wearcam), and then through the phone to connect wifi (Wearcam) signal source, the default connection password: 1234567890, the farthest wireless distance of 50 meters.You can operate remote video, Download storage and other functions.
  • High-definition 30-frame 1080P, 60 frames 720P video, 16 million pixels, optical image stabilization, wide-angle 140 degrees (equivalent to the binocular perspective) lens, the United States imported Amba A5 chip, processing image performance is great.

    • Battery capacity: 800MAH, camera time 1080P format for about 90 minutes. Charging time of about 3-4 hours, can be connected to the charge or other power supply continuous use.

    • Scope: photography enthusiasts, riding, Zijia You, driving recorder, the scene check out the location, the scene of the accident, outdoor operations, industrial areas and other portable shooting.