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Panasonic CR2032 button battery lithium 3V mil board body electronic body weight scale car key remote control

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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Panasonic / Panasonic CR2032 ...
  • Brand: Panasonic / Panasonic
  • Model: CR2032 five tablets loaded

Note: The customer response by the product and the existence of compatibility problems with the millet remote control can not be long-term use, please millet remote control customers to buy carefully, due to the use of time caused by the loss of the customer's own

packing list:

Panasonic 2032 button lithium battery 5 card installed


Model: CR-2032 / 5BC

Specifications: 5 capsules

Charging: No

Dimensions: Diameter 20 mm, thickness 3.2 mm

Voltage: 3V

Origin: Indonesia

Storage: 5 years (shelf life, refers to the battery power down to 90% of the time)

Delivery time: 5:00 pm each working day.