Leier Da genuine | pressure gauge YTN-100 (YN-100) Seismic oil-filled table (LEIERDA)

Leier Da genuine | pressure gauge YTN-100 (YN-100) Seismic oil-filled table (LEIERDA)

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: LEIERDA
  • Model: YN-100
  • Product Number: YN-100
  • Color Classification: 0-0.1Mpa 0-0.16Mpa 0-0.25Mpa 0-0.4Mpa 0-0.6Mpa 0-1Mpa 0-1.6Mpa 0-2.5Mpa 0-4Mpa 0-6Mpa 0-10Mpa 0-16Mpa 0-25Mpa 0 -40Mpa 0-60Mpa 0-100Mpa -0.1-0Mpa -0.1-1.5Mpa custom -0.1-0.3Mpa custom -0.1-0.5Mpa custom -0.1-2.4Mpa custom -0.1-0.9Mpa custom custom -0.1-0.15Mpa
  • Renovation and construction content: Hydropower Engineering

Installation Notes


  • Instruments must be mounted vertically, and strive to maintain the same horizontal position of the measuring point, it shall be included in the corresponding additional error caused by the level difference.
  • Handling, installation should avoid the collision and vibration, including environmental and exposure equipment, piping, etc.
  • Places to use, if the ambient temperature deviate too large, Instrument should be in the ambient temperature-40~+70℃, relative humidity less than 85%of Shall consider additional temperature error.
  • In measuring instrument stable load shall not exceed the measurement limit 2/3Shall not exceed the measurement limit of measuring pressure fluctuation 1/2Minimum pressure, in both cases, should not be less than the upper limit of the measurement 1/3. The measured pressure should be maintained at about two-thirds full range of instruments is appropriate.
  • In the measurement of corrosive media, the media may crystallize, viscosity of the medium pressure fluctuations and upheavals when adding isolation devices and buffer devices.
  • Meter storage environment ambient air can cause the corrosion can not contain harmful impurities, and the relative humidity is not too large.
  • Should keep the meter before and after use, avoid collisions and intense vibration.
  • Instruments should be checked regularly (at least once every three months) and find fault and repair.
  • Please describe the medium to be measured each time the custom to use better materials.