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Seismic pressure gauge YTN-100 (YN-100) seismic oil-filled table (LEIERDA)

Seismic pressure gauge YTN-100 (YN-100) seismic oil-filled table (LEIERDA)
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: LEIERDA
  • Model: YN-100
  • Item No .: YN-100
  • Color classification: 0-0.1Mpa 0-0.16Mpa 0-0.25Mpa 0-0.4Mpa 0-0.6Mpa 0-1Mpa 0-1.6Mpa 0-2.5Mpa 0-4Mpa 0-6Mpa 0-10Mpa 0-16Mpa 0-25Mpa 0 -40Mpa 0-60Mpa 0-100Mpa -0.1-0Mpa -0.1-1.5Mpa Customized -0.1-0.3Mpa Customized -0.1-0.5Mpa Customized -0.1-2.4Mpa Customized -0.1-0.9Mpa Customized -0.1-0.15Mpa Customized
  • Decoration and construction content: hydropower projects

Installation Notes


  • The instrument must be mounted vertically and should be kept at the same level as the measuring point, otherwise the additional error caused by the liquid level should be included accordingly.
  • Handling, installation should avoid collision and vibration, including the environment and contact with equipment, piping and so on.
  • Place the use of the use of ambient temperature if the deviation is too large, The instrument should be in the ambient temperature-40Lt; 0 & gt; C~+70℃, relative humidity is not greater than 85%of Consideration should be given to temperature additional errors.
  • The instrument shall not exceed the upper limit of the measurement when measuring the steady load 2/3, The measured fluctuation pressure shall not exceed the upper limit of the measurement 1/2, The minimum pressure, in both cases, should not be lower than the upper limit of the measurement 1/3The measured pressure should be kept at about two - thirds of the full scale of the instrument.
  • In the measurement of corrosive media, the possible crystallization of the medium, the viscosity of large media and drastic fluctuations should be added to the isolation device and buffer device.
  • Instrument storage environment around the air can not contain harmful impurities can cause corrosion, and the relative humidity can not be too much air.
  • Before and after use of the instrument should be properly kept, avoid collision and strong vibration.
  • The instrument should always be inspected (at least once every three months) and found to be faulty and promptly repaired.
  • Please specify the medium you want to measure in order to use the better material.