GST fire broadcast switch module | output module GST-LD-8305

GST fire broadcast switch module | output module GST-LD-8305

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Zhejiang
  • Model Number: 654

GST-LD-8305 output module

1 Features

The GST-LD-8305 output module is used to switch between normal broadcasting and fire broadcasting in the fire emergency broadcasting system of the bus system.The module answers itself after switching to the fire broadcasting and sends the switching information back to the fire alarm controller to indicate the switching success.

2 main technical indicators

(1) Operating voltage:

Bus voltage: bus 24V
Power supply voltage: DC24V

(2) Monitoring current:

Bus current ≤ 1mA
Supply current ≤ 3mA

(3) Operating current:

Bus current ≤ 3mA
Supply current ≤ 20mA

(4) Wire system:

A. With the fire alarm controller using non-polar signal two bus connection, with the power cord using non-polar two-wire connection
B. Can access two normal broadcasting lines, two fire radio lines and two audio lines

(5) output capacity: each module can be loaded with up to 60W

(6) the use of the environment:

Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
Relative humidity ≤ 95%, no condensation

(7) Housing protection class: IP30

(8) Dimensions: 86mm × 86mm × 43mm (with the bottom shell)

Electronic coding, for normal broadcasting and fire broadcast switching. Each module can carry up to 180W load.