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POLAR Bo Neng | heart rate fitness running series calorie consumption heart rate zone men and women waterproof luminous FT4

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: POLAR
  • Model: FT4
  • Communication type: No card
  • Color classification: blue orange male models purple female models green female models blue male models silver black male models
  • Dial shape: square

Differences between FT 4 and FT 7:

FT 4 Number of Training Records: 10
FT 7 Training Records: 99

FT 7 has a weekly record, FT 7 can upload data to Polarpersonaltrainer.com (requires Flowlink data transfer device) FT 4 can not upload data.

FT 7 is a feature more than FT 4, and the EnergyPointer tells you whether the main effect of your training is physical fitness or burning fat.