Dell / Dell 20 wide one PC | Achievements 3052 quad-core N3700 with 4G memory | Genuine Win10

Dell / Dell 20 wide one PC | Achievements 3052 quad-core N3700 with 4G memory | Genuine Win10

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: Dell / Dell 3052-R1308B
  • CPU Type: Intel Pentium / Pentium
  • Type: Four-core N3700
  • Brand: Dell / Dell
  • Dell desktop Model: 3052-R1308B
  • Camera Type: Single Camera
  • Energy efficiency rating: a
  • color: black
  • Screen Size: 19 inches
  • Memory Capacity: 4GB
  • Memory Type: 1600MHz DDR3
  • Hard drive capacity: 500GB
  • Hard disk rotational speed: 7200 rpm
  • Graphics Type: Integrated Graphics
  • Model: Intel HD
  • Memory Capacity: shared system memory
  • Display Type: LED
  • Operating system: Other / other

Dell's new low-power quad-core one machine listed

New listing, slim appearance, Home office is a good helper, the artifact is too!

OUR 2799 yuan, shocked the market

1) Exterior:

Equipped with 19.5 inches widescreen with a resolution up to 1600 * 900, the imaging extremely delicate

② slim, Dell's new mold, machine scaffolding, scaffold support for the mediation.

Energy saving, low power consumption, a year of electricity savings N, intimate environment to create a home office

④ black appearance, to meet the needs of a variety of occasions, the atmosphere domineering.

2) hard disk memory: Machine is equipped with 4GEfficient memory, does not run smooth Caton, 500GLarge hard disk storage, mass storage photos, video, etc., to meet the needs of the home office.

3) Processor: Dell achievement 3052 one machine equipped with a low-power platform N3700 Quad-Core Processor, clocked at up to 2.4GHZ, support Turbo Boost Turbo technology , Performance can be realized.

4) wireless online: Built-in high-performance Wireless LAN + Bluetooth 4.0Wireless Internet access is fast and stable, both wired Internet access, it is quite easy to use, according to their own preferences.

5) Other new technologies:

Waves MaxxAudio equipped with sound system, with Built-in audio , Full round sound.

② Built 720p HD camera Built-in microphone , Smooth video call

Built-in 4-in-one Card Reader Slot, audio input and output more fun.

④ Standard Genuine WIN10 operating system , Away from harm piracy, experience the future operation of sense of technology.

Now single, Exclusive Care:
① Get National free shipping (Less area hair EMS) Straight save 150 yuan, express and protect the price, faster and safer;
3-year nationwide warranty service : A phone call to get the warranty, within the scope of domestic UNPROFOR, replacing worry warranty, the warranty is guaranteed it? Whom bad? There assured ~~ Dell warranty!! Not to mention this so cheap?
③ gave orders now a deluxe mouse pad and a USB HUB (one machine to solve the problem of too few USB ports), and of course both hands Lynx Points