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Deuter ACT Lite 65 + 10/50 + 10L lightweight hiking backpack | men and women shoulder bag

Deuter ACT Lite 65 + 10/50 + 10L lightweight hiking backpack | men and women shoulder bag
Product code: 43512500030
Unit price 150.5-176.57$
Sold quantity 1139
Available stock 100

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: Yes
  • Item No .: 33730
  • Capacity: 36L (inclusive) -55L (inclusive)
  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Material: Polyamide
  • Tag price: 1199
  • Carrying system: TCS
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Applicable Gender: Man
  • Color classification: 7410 black / 3340115 5510 red / 3340115 2218 dark green / 3340115 7410 black / 3340315 2417 green / 3340315 3329 blue / 3340315 3130 blue / 3340315 65 + 10 liters (black) 65 + 10 liters (blue) 65+ 10 liters (green)
  • Applicable scene: general camping / trekking
  • Carry the system structure: inside the package
  • Capacity: 40 + 10 (send bag + water bag + rain cover) 50 +10 liters (send purse + water bag + rain cover) 65 +10 liters (send pockets + water bag + rain cover)
  • Brand: DEUTER
  • Size: 74x28x23
  • Is it equipped with a rain cover: No
  • Is there a kettle reserve position: Yes
  • Product series: outdoor hiking bag

Wind speed broken words:

Often someone consulted our customer service, the German brand is good or the US brand Well? This package with the United States OSPREY Kitty Hawk than what is different ah? Which is better ah, and the like!

Later, there is a summary of ALICE I feel very brilliant 'German goods, high quality, just like his beer, although the world is good, but sales are not necessarily the first'

Such as Deuter this German brand, a lot of people say that the package is so good work, is a little heavy weight, this is just like the German car, the German goods, is to consider the high level of production, absolutely real work, is safe sense!

Closer to tell this Deuter's ACT Lite backpack, from the English word, you can see that this is a super light series of hiking bag, The ACT LITE series has been a popular German version of Deuter! The ultra-light walking series, excellent carrying system and ultra-light weight, is rare in the entire Deuter family and has been loved by ALICE. Cost far more than OSPREY Kitty Hawk, the owner strongly recommend models!

Deuter Dodec Germany century brand the world's top outdoor backpack brand