Single angle gloss meter | Stone spectrophotometer paint gloss meter marble photometer | photometer

Single angle gloss meter | Stone spectrophotometer paint gloss meter marble photometer | photometer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: SFMIT
  • Model: MIT60
  • Product Number: MIT60
  • Color Classification: MIT60 CQ-60G MIT 60 CQ- 60G
  • Renovation and construction content: Installation Engineering

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Instrument Description:

CQ-60G enhanced specular gloss meter is a newly developed the most compact, most portable models. The performance indicators have reached the requirements of national JJG696- 2002 (mirror gloss meter verification procedures) a working machine. this product is suitable for measurement of paints, coatings, inks, plastics, stone, paper, ceramic tile, ceramic, stone, metal plating and other products gloss.

Instrument features:

l ultra-compact design can be placed in the pocket, more portable, it is currently the smallest and lightest gloss meter.

l can operate with one hand. The battery can be used continuously for more than 40 hours, about ten thousand data can be measured.

l special moisture-proof technology allows you ease of use in a variety of harsh environments.

l means that the measurement, with no wait time, numerically stable, drift-free, for quick measurements.

l long-life light source, without replacement.

l standard quartz plate: precise, wear-resistant, stable gloss value unchanged.

Products real shot:

Ultra-compact design can be placed in the pocket, more portable

The main parameters of the relevant standards:
■ Measuring range: 0 ~ 199.9Gs (gloss units)
■ Stability: less than ± 0.4Gs / 30Min; indication error: less than ± 1.0Gs
■ Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
■ spot size: 10 × 20mm; measuring port size: 20 × 40mm
■ Conditions of Use: Ambient temperature: 0 degrees to 40 degrees; relative humidity: no more than 85%
■ Host Size: (L) 1120mm × (width) 35 mm × (high) 70 mm;
■ Weight: 200 g; standard box weight: 45 g
Factory list:
A plastic outer box
Host a
Standard carton (including a black quartz crystal standard board)
A certificate
A cloth to wipe the mirror
Instrument use:
5.1 Power On / Off: Press the power button to the right of the instrument, the LCD display has readings, indicating power has been connected, the instrument began to work, long press the left button is off mode 5.2 Scaling: Open standard carton, the instrument measuring port on the standard black glass plate, the instrument must be placed quasi-positioning frame. press and hold the middle touch switch, press the power button to boot. calibration data is completed within 1 second. calibration value in line with the number of black glass standard board. (this machine is stable write excellent, calibration can be performed once in January) 5.3 calibration: the instrument calibration standard carton was placed on display at this value should be the work of the board and the calibration value the difference is within 1.5Gs, instrument calibration is completed measuring 5.4: place the instrument on the sample, the display reading is the gloss value of the sample is 5.5 backlight: When turned on, tap the touch key to open That turn on the backlight, turn off the backlight and tap once

Mitutoyo MIT-60 automatic gloss meter

This gloss meter is a reference to international standards ISO2813 and China National Standard GB / T9754 design and manufacture of gloss measurement instrument Technical parameters also comply with ASTM D2457, ASTM D523 and GB / T13891 GB / T7706, GB / T8807 standard requirements. the performance indicators have reached the national standards JJG 696-2002 "mirror gloss and gloss meter board" a working machine in the claim verification procedures.