Mahai woven bib 2016 new gradient, warm scarf lines men and women fashion shawls coarse wool knit

Mahai woven bib 2016 new gradient, warm scarf lines men and women fashion shawls coarse wool knit

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: the fall of 2015
  • Brand: Finery
  • Wool material: other
  • Item no: Sue down gradient mohair
  • Color classification: Su velvet mohair hand series scarf 03 Su velvet Egypt cotton hand series scarf 11 08 coffee camel black and white gradient Su velvet Egypt cotton hand series scarf 15 Su velvet Egypt cotton hand series scarf 03 Su velvet Egypt cotton hand series scarf 08 Su velvet Egypt cotton hand series scarf 13 05 deep camel shallow camel black and white gradient 01 gray light gray black and white gradient Su velvet Egypt cotton hand series scarf 10 10 cowboy blue blue black and white gradient Su velvet Egypt cotton hand series scarf 02 04 powder black and white gradient Su velvet Egypt cotton hand series scarf 14 Su velvet Egypt cotton hand series scarf 09 03 red green yellow shades shades 02 Su down Egypt cotton hand-knitted scarf 01 09 Su velvet, Denim Blue Pink black and white gradient Egypt cotton hand-knitted scarf 06 06 shades
  • Unit: Yuan/mission
  • Yarn weight: hand-knitted

3 national Package mail

With 2 ordinary scarf pin 1
3 send exquisite scarf pin 1
4 send needle feed coupon 3
5 send PIN to send a discount coupon 5
Note: why ordinary scarf pin 2 pointy bamboo needles, fine scarf pin what carbonized bamboo needle 1 plug. 1 Why are 2.

Send mobile phone video tutorial
Anytime, anywhere from zero became a master of weaving

Don't worry not simply just your hands
Don't worry about bad weave various stitch video tutorials are available
Don't worry don't like warm made of love and no one can resist the
He weaves a hands on why you only belong to you Warm love

Yarn name: Sue Velvet
Yarn specification: 100 g/(22), why price 1
Yarn ingredient: 65.2%Polyester 34.8%Acrylic
Yarn weight: 3 mm (MM) a
Market price: 68 Yuan/mission
Yarn characteristics: ' Sue down ' series with Italy advanced technology produced by 'SOFFILI' machine, break the yarn this yarn ' twisting ' characteristics, but rather a reticular fiber wrapped fiber structure convenient order. Egypt long-staple cotton and ACRYLIC blend of raw materials into yarns Peng convenient soft, warm and good, unique colors, retro tastes strong, suitable for woven, hand-knitted scarves, hats, casual clothing, coats, especially for knit infant sweater.

Why choose wool-mohair
Sue wool-mohair feature 1
An abundance of wool, silk-like texture, silky and warm feel of the fine detail, dreamy colors eye-catching fashion.
Other scarves line
Structure convenient, uneven thickness. Easy ball easy to break, hard handle thick hairless.
Sue wool-mohair feature 2
Weave grills full casual color gradients, light and warm, low-key and classy.
Other scarves line
Woven into rough and stiff, irregularity, line disturbances, lack of single color layering.
Soviet advantages of cashmere
Line itself does not twist and silky hair a sense of abundance and not stiff, breathable ultra strong, finished a scarf or sweater without oppressive humidity resistance sensitive.
Peng convenient light
Gloss soft silk texture of mohair material, so that the yarn by full pile face, light and comfortable, woven into high fashion.
Mohair material
Using soft mohair, silk luster-rich, plump, light and warm, skin do not Bristly.
Green staining
Sue down adoption of green dye, does not irritate the skin. Secure protects you and your baby's delicate skin.
Warm fashion
Only one scarf fashion away from you, warm and moving up from only a hands-on taste immediately shot up from you. Love from now on.
Product display
In order to love
Hot sale scarf wool recommends
Really making a yarn
01 Dark grey light grey shades
02 Green and yellow shades
03 Red shades
04 Pink shades
05 Dark camel light camel shades
06 Black and white gradient
08 Camel coffee black and white gradient

Denim Blue Pink shades
10 Denim Blue light blue shades

Product display
Shades finished product
Product display
08 coffee camel shades product display
Product display

09Denim Blue Pink black and white gradient product display

Reference line
Popular します on phosphorus rows I
User group Hat Scarf Scarf Jacket
Madam 1~2 Mission 2~3 mission 3~4 mission 8~10 mission
Men's 1~2 Mission 2~3 mission 3~4 mission 10~12 mission
Why this product is priced at the price per mission, per 100 grams (22).
Recommends close best buy enough of the required amount, shipping lines have different batch may result in poor color.
Reference line above is for reference only, not as why actual proof!

Select a color
Warm tips
Special Note:
Due to this varieties line line woven products is gradient of particularity, single hair line is is long a color gradient of process, and manufacturers in playing mission Shi not too may each mission line of starting location are completely as, so has may with color, same cylinder, of two mission line, in appearance Shang looks is not as, even obviously feel to chromatic aberration (please see left real took pictures). But rest assured, this is not chromatic aberration. Weaving together there will not be any chromatic aberration. You can buy with confidence. Mind carefully.

In a mass finish second when color that begin second mission must correspond to the colors and the end of the first mission, if not continued should find the corresponding where cut-off joint lines.

Send needle:
With 2 ordinary scarf bamboo needles, 3 send beautiful carbonized bamboo needles or needle crystal. What kind of needles long needle or short needles in the buyer indicated in the message, no warehouse is indicated by a random distribution.

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One price only buy the right to sell the wrong.
You c Taobao shop looking for Yes wool all over the streets, why the difference by just a few cents postage and do careful calculations repeatedly tangled? You can save money on a few minutes of effort to purchase and marketing price differentials not featureless wool, why don't try the province several times post enjoy Fashion brand of wool quality and service Then?

We are really expensive? We heart you!
Do you feel our yarns you? Outside spectators, adept road. High quality imported raw materials, green dyed weaving technology, not ordinary wool made of raw materials of toxic dyes be hazardous to health of ordinary wool can match. All wool, not a level,
In order to contrast it? Pursuit of health and quality of life, we heart you!

FINERY square not only about wool
We are knitting, but we are not just wool. Our linear fashion, we are pure color, our taste in advance. We are no longer warm to, but the advocate and leading the trend of hand-knitted fashion trendsetter. When one and stylish or discreet elegance but absolutely struck by the weaving works when worn on the body, you will realize Our value.

Counterfeit we reinstate your Wise choice.
80% of the buyers bought the fake wool Each Days about 6000 leave yarn from Taobao sell daily about fake wool over more than 1000 buyers against. We guarantee quality of each line, specialized monitoring. Buy the rest assured that with peace of mind.

Featured knitting raw materials
Whether Cashmere Wool, mohair, cashmere, mink or other wool material, Follow the guidelines regardless of the cost in order to.
Environmental health coloring
Low price of wool dyes used caused Skin allergies, carcinogenic formaldehyde problem here we could not.
Professional quality control strictly
Each batch production of yarn, we will carry out a serious sampling inspection. Product grades in line with national standards, and meets our strict requirements.
Walk in the fashion-forward attitude
We strive for each yarn with other yarns do not have characteristics, woven products are not easily imitated by others. Choosing us, you will always walk in the forefront of fashion.
Shopping guide
Return instructions
Seven days is no reason for return

Wool trade mark not broken, ball has not fallen, weight is not reduced, does not influence the sale of the second premise, no reason within seven days can be returned. Advance freight, refused to annex.
Color differences
Store pictures

All the wool pictures we take photographs in natural light, without any modification. As the shooting environment, display color problems color cannot be completely avoided in online shopping, please close understanding.
After-sales service
After-sales service
Aftermarket worry-free guarantee

For after sales questions, please contact us, we will adopt a professional approach in order to answer your questions and handle all the doubts and problems. Why quality, service-oriented is our unremitting pursuit.
About express
By default every day u-speed

Why default speed every day and express delivery, default less than please choose EMS post express courier. If urgent, please select the SF transportation, if delivery problems please do not hesitate to contact us.
Time of delivery
Shipped within 24 hours

Daily noon 12:00 payment order for same day shipping, after 12:00 next day processing of orders, dispatches can contact customer service, can help alleviate as far as possible on the premise of priority shipping.
On receipt
You can speak the inspection

Upon receipt of a baby, confirm the packaging for damage, and to see whether intact and then sign. If I can't sign, please inform in advance to sign on behalf of one inspection to sign for it. I appreciate your cooperation.
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Warm tips
Brand culture
FINERY wool brand culture
Finery in English refers to the beautiful costumes and dazzling costumes, Finery brand follows the gentle elegance, noble and dignified hand-knitted direction of cultural development, seeks to combine the world of costume design concept, the combination of high quality, new raw material yarns of different qualities, Finery designed hand-woven clothing brand yarns with classical and fashion, fashion the perfect blend of features. Finery stands for quality (Quality), services (Service), fashion (Vogue), value (Value) is all about.
Fang, China

Fang Le の Mao Jiao
Hand-knitting みます life

Noble で 気 high o Muhammad Plaza
Fang Le CMMI CMM integration のブランド Investment Corporation
Fang (China), agent specializing in overseas well-known brand yarns, and promote your brand in mainland China and hand-knitted cultural development. We strive to change China's wool market ' sunset industry ' status of traditional wool hand knitting and fashion, trend combines traditional material in order to replace main yarn with yarn of international mainstream material, to create a high quality, functional, fashion hand made cultural atmosphere.
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About aging
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