Winner / Tianyi BTS-1 Bluetooth Receiver High-fidelity audio wireless transmission signal Bluetooth receiver

Winner / Tianyi BTS-1 Bluetooth Receiver High-fidelity audio wireless transmission signal Bluetooth receiver

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Winner / Tin Yat
  • Model: BTS-1
  • NO
  • color: black

this Bluetooth receiver, is designed to solve a variety of high-fidelity audio equipment (not limited to Tianyi Hi-Fi Power amplifier Equipment) and digital Bluetooth products connected to the technical problems and research and development 3.0Version of the Bluetooth wireless receiver. The receiver is an excellent solution in the 15—30Meter Diameter range for mobile phones and laptop computers with hi-fi audio library Bluetooth wireless connection problem, the user as long as the mobile phone, you can walk freely in the living room and other rooms, easy control and enjoy the joy of Bluetooth library in high-fidelity HI-FI Sound on the sound of the sounds of nature!

Why would this technology be named Bluetooth? This comes from a little story, the tenth century Denmark has a king called Harald Blatand , Who is articulate and sociable, he united Norway, Sweden and Denmark because he likes to eat blueberries, gums are often blue, so there are Bluetooth King said the designer in determining the name of that 'Bluetooth ' The name is very expressive, and Blatand The king's personality is in line with the characteristics of this technology, so use 'Bluetooth ' The Bluetooth logo design is taken from Harald Bluetooth In the name 'H' and 'B' Bluetooth logo origin of the letters, with the ancient Nordic letters to that will combine the two to become the Bluetooth Logo Today, Bluetooth, as the smart device is currently the most common wireless transmission, is not what new technology you, that day out of this new Taiwan BTS-1Bluetooth receiver and what is different from the ordinary Bluetooth receiver technology core?

As a high-fidelity audio production enterprises, well aware of hi-fi music in the transmission of digital audio in the process there is a problem that must be resolved is the amount of data, asCD The data stream of the record is usually in 16Bits, 44.1 kHz The dynamic range is96dB As the benchmark, HDCD and SACD The amount of data radically large is staggering, usually achievable 24Bit, 192 kHz , The dynamic range can be achieved 120dB Such a large amount of data is impractical for most wireless applications, including Bluetooth, for which it is necessary to perform the necessary dynamic lossless compression of these data streams! To this end, we in the highly sophisticated Bluetooth transmission technology, the introduction of the United States CSR aptx High-fidelity Bluetooth stereo patented technology, Apt-X Technology is a real-time digital audio data compression system for professional audio and broadcast applications that compress linear audio samples to their original 1/4, No significant decline in sound quality and delay is very low . The technology enables the audio sound effects to be achieved CD Improved sound quality in Bluetooth connectivity, and its full audio frequency bandwidth matches high-fidelity performance. Addresses the latency issues associated with low-latency audio coding And to solve the 'lip-sync' and so on Aptx High-fidelity Bluetooth stereo patented technology, the need to buy the United States CSR aptx Patented technology, costly, but it brings the benefits are obvious and effective.

General introduction:

For the convenience of sound Fans Connect your own hi-fi device, the Bluetooth wireless receiver is provided LINE OUT (simulation L / R Audio), digital coaxial (COAX ), Digital fiber (OPT ) Wait 3In the output interface, and at the bottom of the device is equipped with analog /Digital output changeover switch: When the selector switch is turned to Analog When: Simulated only L / R Audio has an output; when dialed Digital Hours: Numbers only SPDIF Audio output, that is, optical fiber, coaxial signal output. Operation is very convenient.

Here we will Tianyi AD-68High fidelity HI-FI Power amplifier connection BTS-1The example is described in detail as follows:

1. With optical fiber connection: the use of fiber optic cable (GQ-1) Connected at one end BTS-1Digital optical fiber (OPT)Output interface, the other end of the insert AD-68Fiber entry, and select BTS-1Switch toggle Digital.

2. Digital coaxialCOAX ) Line connection: that is coaxial (COAX ) Line) connected at one end BTS-1Output interface, the other end of the insert AD-68Fiber entry, and select BTS-1Switch toggle Digital.

3. Audio analog lotus terminal cable connection: that is, with a pair of relatively hot audio signal lines were inserted BTS-1Output interface L / R Output terminal, the other end of the line is connected respectively AD-68Amplifier signal L / R Input interface and select BTS-1Switch toggle Analog files. In this you only need to pay attention to when you use analog audio output to be pulled to Analog File, using numbers SPDIF The audio signal is pulled to Digital files.

When everything is ready, open it BTS-1and AD-68Power amplifier.

The next step is to pair with your Bluetooth device, such as your phone:

1. Turn on your phone's Bluetooth function, confirm that the Bluetooth function is lit, and then click Bluetooth Search. You will be able to search for the BluetoothToneWinner (Or the host name )The Bluetooth audio device, and then click on the connection, you can pair with the connection.Note: If prompted for a password, the default password is: 0000.

2. After connecting the phone and audio equipment, as long as open the phone's music player or cool my music player, the input source is selected as Bluetooth input, the music will be from your audio equipment system to play out.

3. To reconnect, simply click on the Bluetooth device TongWinner (or HD-100Such as host )Re-connect the device can be, the operation is very convenient.

Comprehensive Review:

this BTS-1Bluetooth receiver for the independent black box structure, the box with a black highlight casting process, the details of the exquisite seductive. Signal interface is complete, easy to connect, simple and fast, is designed for high-fidelity audio amplifier and home theater products supporting non-destructive Compress Bluetooth 3.0Audio transmission receiving device, due to the use of high-tech Bluetooth high-fidelity transmission APTX Patented technology, linear audio samples can be compressed to the original 1/4, While the sound quality is not significantly reduced and the delay is very low (no compressed audio use 1.411 Mbps Bandwidth Implementation CD Quality), and can be output SPDIF Digital signals, and stereo analog audio signals, in particular the use of optical fiber or coaxial digital cable output signalSPDIF Digital signal when the sound effect is better than analog stereo audio signal good out of a big! Indeed can be comparable to CD Machine to play the original CD Sound quality than normal Bluetooth audio transmission has a better sound quality sound effects, is the number of high-fidelity access to digital audio sources and mobile phone songs library to achieve high-fidelity Bluetooth music player indispensable weapon.