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Lin wood fabric sofa modern simple size of the size of the living room corner Pibu sofa combination of furniture 2040

Product code: -43402700030
Unit price 529.52-540.4$
Sold quantity 26483
Available stock 16991
Expired or Cancelled

Product parameters:

  • Taxis Transportable: No
  • Packing volume: 2.93
  • Brand: Lin Wood
  • Model: 2040
  • Filler Hardness: Soft
  • Installation Instructions Details: Provide installation instructions
  • Availability: Yes
  • Whether the assembly: assembly
  • Style positioning: economical
  • Design elements: master design
  • A + left three + right your A single + right three + left expensive A left three + right your side + A right three + left your side + B left three + right your + side a few B right + Left side of your left a few + B + B + B + left your three people right right + left + three expensive left C + + right side of your left a few C + C + + left side of your left a few + C + You right C single + right three + left expensive
  • A few people to sit: A silver / B Tibetan blue / C champagne three-color election
  • Fabric Finishing Process: Flocking
  • Pattern: Art
  • Can be customized: No
  • Additional features: multi-function
  • Yes No Storage space: Yes
  • Sofa combination: L-shaped
  • Whether removable and washable: Yes
  • Filling: Sponge
  • Origin: Guangdong Province
  • City: Foshan City
  • Fabric: velvet
  • Material: wood
  • Wood Material: Other
  • Structural technology: wood technology
  • Wood structure technology: puzzle
  • Style: simple and modern
  • Suitable for: adults
  • Can be delivered / installed: Other Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin

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'name' Modern fashion leather sofa 'style' Modern living room style
'Brand' Lin Wood 'Origin' Guangdong Foshan
'Colour' Default figure, in-kind shooting 'the company' FOSHAN HAILISHUN FURNITURE CO., LTD
'Whether the washable' Half-Detachable 'Similar recommendations'
'Packing and shipping' Disassembly carton packaging (need to install sofa feet) 'Care instructions' No special maintenance is required
'Standard pillow' Single (1 lumbar pillow), three (1 pillow / 2 lumbar pillow), Royal (1 pillow / 1 lumbar pillow) 'After-sales service' Three-year warranty service
'Paper number remarks' A section of silver gray 391, paragraph B, possession of blue 6103, C section of champagne 3016
'Exclusive Services' National designated areas to enjoy free five packs / paid five packages / package logistics services, details of customer service consultation
'Tips' Sofa sets, pillows and other parts of the proposed washable dry cleaning, help extend the life of the sofa and maintain a beautiful appearance
'Production cycle' Furniture production needs a certain period, delivery time, please consult with the customer service whichever, and to ensure the correct delivery and timely delivery of information, please keep Want and smooth phone