ANEMAQEN / Animaqing | Men 's quick - drying long - sleeved underwear 1301001

ANEMAQEN / Animaqing | Men 's quick - drying long - sleeved underwear 1301001

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Whether the mall with the money: Yes
  • Brand: Anemaqen / Animaqing
  • Article No .: 113101301001
  • Suitable for: male
  • Time to market: Spring 2013
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 298
  • Color classification: gray black
  • Fabric Technology: Other
  • Main functions: warm
  • The price range: 201-500 yuan
  • Material: Others
  • Size: S-165 / 88A M-170 / 92A L-175 / 96A XL-180 / 100A XXL-185 / 104A

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product information
Product information
'Goods number' 1301001
'Brand' ANEMAQEN / Animaqing

1, the fabric used Polartec produced Power Dry fabric;
2, the patented double-sided weaving results in excellent moisture absorption;
3, a high degree of breathable, fast dry; the skin comfortable;
4, should pack;
5, machine washable, functional washing will not increase the number of random reduced
6, Asian sports tailoring, designed specifically for the Asian version of the type;
7, shoulder sleeve design and 4-pin 6-line sewing process, so that no upper stitching, suitable for backpacking and other activities;
8, necklace seam side shift, so that the neck comfortable.
'Material' polyester fiber
The 'weight' is about 200 grams
'made in China
'Enter' tm005

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▲ round neck design, simple and generous, fitting the neck skin, wearing soft and comfortable
▲ 4-pin 6-line sewing process: to reduce the movement in the process, seam edge of the skin friction
▲ Polartrc Power Dry fabric: one side can effectively sweat away the sweat on the skin, the other side can quickly dry
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After-sales instructions
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The following questions, you can return, the specific agreement in the following table, please read before buying. Once the buyer to buy, that this agreement agreed:
Reason for exchange Quality issues The wrong goods Size problem Personal preferences
Prerequisites Non-human damage Does not affect the secondary sales Does not affect the secondary sales Does not affect the secondary sales
Can exchange can can can can
Can return can can can can
Effective time Signed within 7 days Signed within 7 days Signed within 7 days Signed within 7 days
Submit evidence Need to take pictures Need to take pictures No evidence is required No evidence is required
Freight commitment Seller to bear Seller to bear The buyer bears The buyer bears
Once again stressed: color, new smells are normal, not return within the scope of minor alignment deviation, thread uncut, slight asymmetry does not affect the appearance and use, are not quality problems. Once encountered, we will cooperate with help If you insist on the return, you need to bear the return shipping. For Returns, please contact online customer service.
Taking into account personal safety issues, the Division underwear, rock climbing supplies non-serious quality problems do not accept returns, please carefully orders.
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Contact Customer Service Want to contact, look for the same customer service consulting, you can get more professional service! Because of the large volume of consultation, Wangwang usually in the busted state, if a long time did not get a reply, you can choose according to the description of self-service shopping, Need color / size / courier information please fill in the remarks in the notes. There are special needs can message, we will deal with one by one
Size problem For the convenience of pro purchase, we provide the size of the table, but because of each person's body size, individual feelings are also different, for the size we only provide recommendations, the specific size selection according to the actual situation of individual purchase If the refund is not appropriate due to the size, need to be borne by the buyer to return postage
Chromatic aberration problem I shop goods pictures are provided by the brand, as far as possible consistent with the physical, but due to shooting technology / ambient light / display color and other reasons, may lead to a slight color difference between the picture and in kind, please kind of color
About shipping Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia and the EMS, SF Express to fill the freight price difference, there are special requirements, please inform the customer service, please contact customer service, please contact our customer service. Or leave a message in the message
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Ya gray
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