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ANEMAQEN / Animaqing | Men 's quick - drying long - sleeved underwear 1301001

ANEMAQEN / Animaqing | Men 's quick - drying long - sleeved underwear 1301001
Product code: 43360500030
Unit price 40.43$
Sold quantity 156
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Product parameters:

  • Whether the mall with the paragraph: yes
  • Brand: Anemaqen / Animaqing
  • Item No .: 113101301001
  • Applicable to: male
  • Time to market: Spring 2013
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 298
  • Color classification: gray black
  • Fabric Technology: Other
  • Main function: warm
  • Price range: 201-500 yuan
  • Material: Other
  • Size: S-165 / 88A M-170 / 92A L-175 / 96A XL-180 / 100A XXL-185 / 104A

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product information
Product information
'Item' 1301001
'Brand' ANEMAQEN / Anima Qing

1, the fabric used Polartec produced Power Dry fabric;
2, double-sided weaving results produce excellent moisture absorption;
3, highly breathable, fast and dry; make the skin comfortable;
4, should be packaged;
5, can be machine wash, the function will not increase the number of random wash and reduce
6, the Asian movement cut, specifically for the Asian design version;
7, sleeves sleeve design and 4-pin 6-line flat seam process, so that the upper part of the no stitching, suitable for backpack and other activities on foot;
8, collar collar side shift, so that the neck comfortable.
'Material' polyester fiber
'Weight' about 200 grams
'made in China
'Entry' tm005

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▲ round neck design, simple and generous, fit the neck skin, wearing soft and comfortable
▲ 4-pin 6-wire flat seam process: to reduce the movement in the process, the seam on the skin friction
▲ Polartrc Power Dry fabric: one side can effectively absorb the sweat on the skin, the other side can quickly dry
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Aftermarket instructions
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The following questions can be returned, the specific agreement see the following table, please read before buying. Buyers once the purchase, that agree with this agreement:
Reason of return Quality issues Wrong goods Size problem Personal preferences
Prerequisites Non-human damage Does not affect the secondary sales Does not affect the secondary sales Does not affect the secondary sales
Whether the replacement can can can can
Is it possible to return? can can can can
Effective time Signed within 7 days Signed within 7 days Signed within 7 days Signed within 7 days
Submit evidence Need to take pictures Need to take pictures No evidence required No evidence required
Freight bear Sellers bear Sellers bear Buyer bear Buyer bear
Once again stressed: color, new odor are normal, not within the return range. Minor alignment, thread is not cut, minor asymmetry does not affect the appearance and use, are not quality problems. Once encountered, we will help You want to return, you need to bear the return shipping. For return policy, please contact customer service online.
Taking into account the personal safety issues, the Division underwear, rock climbing supplies non-serious quality problems do not accept Returns, please carefully placed orders.
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