Bubble Creative Creative hourglass ornaments to send students to a birthday gift to send male and female friends girlfriends glass Gifts

Bubble Creative Creative hourglass ornaments to send students to a birthday gift to send male and female friends girlfriends glass Gifts

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: m x made.
  • Appearance: Other
  • Colors: Red Violet 16.5cm 16.5cm 16.5cm yellow light green light blue 16.5cm 20cm 16.5cm transparent violet 20cm 16.5cm red light green light pink 20cm 20cm 14cm yellow light blue light green 14cm 20cm 16.5cm pale pink transparent color 14cm 14cm green 20cm green 14cm 16.5cm violet blue light blue 20cm 20cm 14cm yellow transparent 20cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Product Number: SLO08
  • Application of space: Bedroom
  • Style: European
  • Function: Academic

Grunt, grunt sound,

Like Hourglass singing Happy.

Every drop of water flow down, the above will be more of a bubble.

Returning to the foreign creative design.

I want to give you and your friends happy.

Foreigners shot a video, it can reflect the characteristics of this product, please slowly enjoy ~

Not a bubble leak hourglass ...
Bubble to fall? No, no, the bubble is bang bang bang fly up.
Three minutes? No, no, not the same duration. Sometimes just a few seconds, sometimes can last several minutes.

It is not measured, but to enjoy
Hourglass is used to accurately measure time tool.
But the bubble hourglass timer comparable blurred more big bubbles, small bubbles, some bubbles fly up slowly, one by one, some bubbles rising rapidly. As such, a new tool to enjoy the bubble timing, bubble is the hourglass

When the bubble meter structure
The timepiece was poured foam is somewhat special bubble water []
Unlike water, blowing bubbles, designer to design a clean, moist bubble personally bother configured out special liquids.
This trait Bubble bubble meter water passes through the middle of the small connecting tube, yo, really incredible, bubbles one after the bang, bang, fly go up.
Needless to say, both the hourglass sand or water, shed much weight, then there is the same volume of air rises to the top. Designer putting the focus on the rising air, not to dirty sand / water. this is the reverse thinking.

Hourglass do a master craftsman to blow up a bubble
This product is made out of the hourglass master craftsmen hand-blown works the same as the technology used and the hourglass.
However, to master the technology of fewer and fewer people, it has become a valuable craft.
Indeed is the case, is the thickness of the middle of the capillary tube is hourglass is where the bubble of lives. This is the craftsmen's unique skills.

[Time] to communicate with different concepts of timer
In this world with minute timer, a lot of time to accurately display timing tool.
However, we call [time] of the concept, since ancient times is derived from the Greenwich Observatory do? In this way, while a little time to think, while enjoying the concept of time by the bubble created by it.

※ ancient hourglass timer function is used, the hourglass is now available for children to act as a timing tool for leisure or work, which makes the child more receptive to mating, leaving children more intuitive concept of time, for the future development of children there are great benefits.

※ It was also said that the hourglass is used to measure love, love like sand, the more tightly grasping flow faster, in fact, should be more honest with each other a number between two people, after all, in this vast sea of ​​being only the two of you before come together, from acquaintance, friend to love. this is a how romantic thing! If you think you meet by chance, I think it must also be the inevitable accidental let love hourglass to the witness of our love and let love to accompany us through this hourglass happy life. let love hourglass to remind us of this and it should not be!

※ In fact, many people like this Shangsui Shu handicrafts, placed on the desk is also very stylish, when nothing and turned it over slowly flowing sand, each grain of sand is like experiencing a thing, as the sand liquidity in mind eleven circulation.