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Creative Bubble hourglass creative birthday gifts Decoration to send students to send girlfriend girlfriend glass gifts

Creative Bubble hourglass creative birthday gifts Decoration to send students to send girlfriend girlfriend glass gifts
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: m. X made
  • Appearance: other
  • Color Classification: Red 16.5cm violet 16.5cm yellow 16.5cm light green 20cm light blue 16.5cm transparent 16.5cm violet 20cm light green 16.5cm red 20cm light pink 20cm light blue 14cm yellow 20cm pink 16.5cm light green 14cm light pink 14cm transparent color 14cm Green 20cm green 16.5cm violet 14cm blue 20cm light blue 20cm yellow 14cm transparent 20cm
  • Material: Glass
  • Item No .: SLO08
  • Applicable space: bedroom
  • Style: European style
  • Function: Academic

Gollum, grunt sound,

Like The hourglass was singing in joy.

Each flow down a drop of water, the above will be more of a bubble.

To the creative design abroad.

I hope to bring you and your friends happy.

A foreigner to shoot a video, it is able to reflect the characteristics of this product, please slowly appreciate ~ ~

It's not an hourglass
Is to bubble down? No, no, the bubble is bang bang bang fly up.
No, no, the duration is not the same, sometimes just a few seconds, sometimes can last for several minutes.

Not for the time, but for appreciation
An hourglass is a tool used to accurately measure time.
But the bubble time than the hourglass fuzzy. Big bubbles, small bubbles, and some bubbles slowly fly up, and some bubbles a rapid rise. Is the bubble hourglass

The construction of the bubble timepiece
Bubble when the meter is poured into a little bit of special 'bubble water'
Different from blowing bubble water, the designer in order to design a clean and moist bubble, personally bothering out of a dedicated liquid configuration.
This characteristic bubble water through the bubble when the middle of the small connecting tube, yo, really incredible, bubble one by one of the bang, bang, fly up.
There is no doubt that the hourglass, whether it is sand or water, how much flow down, then there is the same volume of air rose to the top.Designer to focus on the rising air, rather than down the sand / water. This is the reverse thinking.

Do the hourglass of the old master blowing up one bubble
This product is to do the hourglass blown out of the old master handmade. The same technology and the hourglass.
However, less and less people to master the technology, has become a precious craft.
It is also true that the middle of the thin tube is the thickness of the hourglass is the hourglass life. This is the unique skills of craftsmen.

A timer that conveys different concepts from 'time'
In this minute-clocked world, there are a lot of timing tools that can accurately display the time.
However, the so-called 'time' concept, is derived from the Greenwich Observatory since ancient times? In this way, while a little time to think about, while enjoying the bubble created by the concept of time it.

※ the function of the ancient hourglass is used to time, and now hourglass can give children as leisure or work of the timing tool, which makes it easier for children to accept and cooperate, leaving children a more intuitive concept of time, the children's future development There are great benefits.

Some people say that this hourglass is used to measure love, love like sand, the more tightly grasp the flow faster, in fact, between two people should be more frank with each other, after all, in this vast sea of ​​only you both a talent If you are thinking that your encounter is accidental, I think that it must be accidental in the inevitable. Let the love of the hourglass to witness the fact that we are in love with each other, Let the love of the hourglass to accompany us through this happy life, let the hourglass of love to remind us and should not it!

※ In fact, many people like the old age of this handicraft, placed in the desk is also very fashionable, when nothing turned over to see the sand slowly flow, each grain of sand is like experiencing one thing, with the sand Of the flow in the mind one by one flow.