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PVC line trunking H50 * W35 | gray cableway | electrical wiring trough | distribution cabinet wire bridge

PVC line trunking H50 * W35 | gray cableway | electrical wiring trough | distribution cabinet wire bridge
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Cast River
  • Model: XC5035
  • Material: PVC
  • Suitable for: light
  • Diameter: 16mm
  • Pricing unit: meters

Name: PVC Trough electrical wiring trough

Specifications: High X * wide X (H * W) For example: H25 * W25 is the trunking height 25mm * Trunking width 25mm

Note: a single length of 2 m / root baby price is one meter price when the pro - photographed attention to the number of baby Oh!

Construction: by the bottom of the groove and cover the two parts, the bottom slot on both sides of the line hole set

Features 1: the base on both sides of the outlet holes are aligned with each other saw or connected into the L-type can maintain the surface appearance, neat

Features 2: slot cover with a special design, with the base combination will not fall off, and the joint surface smooth, not cut and worn close to the wiring

Features 3: outlet hole is low, easy to assemble, easy disassembly, easy wiring.

Note: The size of the wiring slot to the combination of external high, wide can be considered standard

Trough 2020 2525 3020 3025 5020 These five kinds of bottomless hole, and others are

The other can be customized fine teeth, all closed, not open, and other specifications, but also cut the length of special requirements

Trunk length of long, more expensive shipping, please contact customer service before shooting!

There is a need to see the details of the map, please contact customer service, to provide details of the photo!

Normal Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai 1 box is 35 yuan (except for high 50 series of freight 40), speed Seoul Express, Shanghai area can pick up or delivery, large, then you can free shipping, please contact customer service

Line trunking

General common name is a line trunking, electrical wiring trough, take the trunking, etc., using PVC plastic manufacturing.

Use In the internal wiring of electrical equipment, electrical equipment in 1200V and below the laying of the wire from which

machine Mechanical protection and Electrical protection. After using the product, Wiring convenient, neat wiring, installation and reliable, then

In the search, maintenance And tone Change the line.

Specifications and dimensions

1, the size of the line trunking Standard 2 meters , I can provide long-tailor-made services.

2, the mainstream line trunking color is gray. According to the use of the region

different Divided into: General trunking, decorating trunking, flooring slot.

3, in the line trunking wiring, under normal circumstances, The wire must not exceed 2/3 of the tank capacity.


1, the tank wall is divided intopunching and Closed punching Two, its code-named (T) and (-).

2, trunnion tooth punching section smooth, burr-free, do not cut and wipe the vicinity of the wiring.

3, bear strong, high temperature, 70 degrees in the environment is still not deformed, discoloration.