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Product parameters:

  • Origin: Guangdong
  • Type thermometer: forehead thermometer
  • Medical Devices Product Name: Non-contact electronic thermometer
  • Brand: Kang times
  • Model: JXB-189
  • The implementation of standards: Guangdong Food Drug armed (prospective) word 2014 No. 2201045
  • Measurement site: the amount of temperature
  • Diseases: upper respiratory tract infection influenza viral cold cold cold Fengreganmao
  • Symptoms: dizziness, headache, chills, fever, chills, runny nose stuffy nose
  • For people: Any
  • Optional hot: Non-contact
  • Color Classification: Kang times the amount of the new hospital thermometer + Vitamin C tablets children gift gift + cooling paste
  • Approval Number: Guangdong Food Drug armed (prospective) word 2014 No. 2201045
  • Company: Guangzhou Jinxin
  • Whether imported: No

Kang times the new hospital thermometer market it!

In addition to retaining the old upgrade three temperature modes (room temperature + temperature + external) and one second temperature measurement function

The new outlet would be improved design, More convenient to use and the time of storage

[] To send a gift to children vitamin C tablets

[Two] Gifts to send cooling paste 2